Wouldn’t it be nice if you could talk to your computer and command it to send a text from your phone or push the current browser tab or grab a screenshot straight from your phone without you even lifting a finger? Yes, it would, and that’s not a difficult task to achieve anymore thanks to a Google Chrome extension simply called “Join”.


Join essentially lets you remotely control any Android or any Chrome OS device through voice commands and is quite intuitive. And the best part? This one actually works. The setup process is also surprisingly straightforward; you install the extension and the Android app and you’re good to go.

Join can be triggered via any custom phrase, by default, it is “computer!” and I didn’t bother to modify that because it sounds like I’m living in the future. Although, I did try “Jarvis” but Join didn’t seem to work that well with that. Once you have configured everything, you can execute various actions on your gadgets such as ring them remotely, grab a shot of whatever is on their screens, text/call if you’re dealing with a phone, send the current Chrome tab, transfer the copied content and a whole lot more. It can even understand some indirect queries such as “reply with hello there” when a new SMS arrives. It’s great.


Join identifies different devices based on the names you set for them which can be basically anything you’d like. However, Join’s capabilities are not just limited to voice actions, you can also click the little icon present on Chrome’s extension tray and fire up a command manually. A lot of users will probably prefer this if their computer doesn’t come with a decent microphone. Furthermore, you can even define various shortcuts for specific commands, for instance, “ring my Pixel” when I press Ctrl+R. Additionally, it even allows you to transfer text from your phone over to other devices via the Android app.

However, as you might have guessed already, Join isn’t entirely a free service but you can try all of its features for free for thirty days but after that, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $5.

You can download Join by heading over to this link.

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