It’s time to give your little grey cells a bit of exercise again. After a week that was marked by hectic activity, including product launches, comparisons and experiments, we are back with our weekly crossword, built around events around the digital world (and a bit of us, we admit shamelessly). Go ahead and see how many clues you can crack and in how much time. And do feel free to share your score with us on Twitter @TechPP


6 What happens when you shoot yourself with a Vivo V5 Plus. (6)
7 Congratulations, social network, you are finally a teenager. (8)
8 Take it out for a night, and voila, you have an ad. (6)
10 Paint me red four times and I will be noteworthy. (5,4)
12 The Indian volcano erupted and gave us a 4G feature phone. (4)
15 It might rain Windows because this is where Microsoft is taking the OS. (5)
16 How many of these threes are you going to give us, Asus? (7)
17 After Adam and Eve, it is Bengaluru that is getting a bite of this. (5)


1 Just because everyone wants Nougat does not mean that I am fit only for putting in hot chocolate. (11)
2 In terms of brand names, it does not get cooler than this. (7)
3 Google made sure this alloy can not just browse and surf, but also be used as a book. (6)
4 This chirpy bird has lots of characters, but with a limit. (7)
5 Giving a quick high five to good audio. (4)
9 It is not a Dragon that is Snappy, but oh mi God, it could chip away at processors. (8)
11 One of the team decided to go off the regular browsing path and live on this precipice. (4)
13 Greek Goddess who helps Amazon. (5)
14 Dear Nextbit, did you really need a shave that bad? (5)

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