Note taking apps are not something new, but what if you have a tiny device that can take notes as you speak and then reproduce the same in the form of a text? Well, Senstone is a tiny piece of jewelry that doubles up as a note taking device and is up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The black polycarbonate body and the tiny LED screen constitutes the pendant. The device promises to capture the things in your daily life and automatically converts it into notes and text and also lets you label them for archiving purpose.

meet senstone, a coin sized wearable voice recorder and transcriber - senstone 1

The Senstone pendant has derived the design inspiration from the sound waves and is made up of anodized aluminum and a scratch-proof screen. A simple tap on the Senstone will activate the voice recorder and whatever you say after that is uploaded to cloud and is converted into notes. The small size makes it very handy and the makers of Senstone claim that the device can be used while doing other activities like walking, running or even driving.

The notes are seamlessly synced to the cloud and this also means that you don’t have to take out your smartphone or even type every time you need to take a note. The Senstone is a standalone device that can take notes and create lists without using the smartphone and thankfully it also promises to record up to two and a half hours of notes when offline. Needless to say, once online, the notes will be synced back to the cloud.

meet senstone, a coin sized wearable voice recorder and transcriber - senstone 3

If you are a writer or even someone who frequently brainstorms on ideas, the Senstone can shape up as a handy tool. For instance, if you can depict your experiences at the new place simply keep on speaking and the device will take the notes. Perhaps, you can even record an entire interview with the Senstone and it gets automatically transcribed. Through our entire day of work we tend to forget certain things and with Senstone, you can simply add it to the to-do list.

The Senstone also comes equipped with an AI software that automatically searches for the noise patterns and attempts to eliminate the same. Furthermore, the Senstone is a mute-core system that is AES-128 Security compliant and supports OTA updates. The 80mAh lithium battery is expected to last for 4-days of average use. You can also use Hashtags to categorize the notes and more AI features like the automatic punctuation are in the pipeline. The Senstone supports Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.

While Senstone doesn’t actually look like an attractive piece of jewelry to me, the set of features it comes baked with is impressive. A device like this can be used in conjunction with digital assistants like SIRI and Cortana to perform a plethora of functions. The Senstone is scheduled to ship from July 17 (Aluminum variant) and can be backed up starting at $80.

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