Amazon’s Echo has already been rivaling Google Home when it comes to living room virtual assistants. A freshly leaked image hints at an Alexa security camera. The leaked image shows off the Amazon branding and according to the source, the camera was already listed on The camera is shaped like a small mic or a Pod and the blue ring around the lens further coincide with the blue ring that resides on the Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot.

The Blue ring further points at a possibility that the security camera might be voice-activated. Again at this juncture its mere speculations but the possibility of an Alexa Security Camera looks exciting nevertheless. However, the similarity between the Nest cam and the Canary Flex cannot be dismissed either. Amazon Alexa has been soaring in popularity and in fact in December last year, Amazon announced that it has sold ‘millions of Alexa devices’ over the holiday seasons and well it sure makes sense to add a security camera to the bouquet of Alexa offering.

Now coming back to the image itself, in all likelihood it might just be a prototype or even a different product altogether with Amazon Sticker slapped on it. The ring might just be a mere coincidence, that said the prospects of Alexa Camera seems to fit in as the missing piece in the jigsaw. AFTV News has not specified the source of the listing but again just like all the other rumor pieces this one also needs to be taken with a dollop of salt.

Amazon Echo Dot marks the starting range of the Alexa range at $49 and had been originally designed to serve as an extender for Amazon Echo. That said the Echo Dot can be prompted with “Alexa” or “Amazon” commands and can tell you the weather, play music and read an audio book as well. It’s only a matter of time when companies like Google and Amazon invade your living room with a host of interconnected smart devices that end up forming a rather convenient ecosystem.

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