Superscreen is yet another Kickstarter project that promises to do something out of the box. The Superscreen is basically a 10.1-inch TouchScreen Display that will sync up with your smartphone and mirror the content. All of this can be done without utilizing any cloud service or paying up monthly fees. The Superscreen is built on the premise that smartphone displays are not always big enough for all kind of content and when you need a larger screen you can simply start using the Superscreen.

superscreen is a 10.1-inch wireless display for your smartphone - superscreen 3
The mirroring happens once users connect the two devices through an app and apart from mirroring the Superscreen will also allow users to take control of the smartphone, mostly like a screen sharing service. The Superscreen can be operated withing a range of up to 100 feet and offers a battery life of 12 hours. Furthermore, the makers of this screen assure that the content perfectly scales in FHD so you don’t have to worry about choppy graphics or stretched out content.

Apart from offering a full multi-touch screen along with orientation control and support for Apple Pencil. The screen also packs in a 2-Megapixel front sensor and a 5-Megapixel secondary sensor which can be used for Skype and Facetiming. However, all of the content will be saved on your smartphone. On the audio front, the Superscreen offers built-in dual high-fidelity speakers which play even when your phones on mute. The connectivity options include a USB-C port, Bluetooth 4.1 and it also has a touch sensor which will sync up with your Touch ID devices.

superscreen is a 10.1-inch wireless display for your smartphone - superscreen
The Kickstarter project can be funded starting at just $99 and is scheduled to be delivered by the end of this year. Needless to say, the risks associated with this project are similar to the ones with any other Kickstarter projects. In a nutshell, the Superscreen seems to be an innovative attempt to compliment the smartphone with a large secondary screen without the hassles of cables.

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