Free App Alert: Bik, Blocs Wave, Atomic Bomber and More [iOS/Android]

by: - Last updated on: April 26th, 2017

“Free App Alert” is a series where we list out a couple of premium/paid apps which are available for free for a limited period. In today’s edition, we have a range of games, utilities and customization apps for you to download. Feel free to suggest any app that you like which has gone free (forever or for a limited time). Please note that the app developers can change the pricing anytime, so please be fast.

Bik: A Space Adventure

We start off with a retro-themed adventure game called “Bik – A Space Adventure”.  The story involves a young boy who tries to find his way home after being abducted by a UFO. You will be given control over several characters throughout the journey for solving various unique puzzles. The graphics and captivating narrative is truly worth giving a shot, hence go ahead and download it from the link below. Bik usually costs 200 INR but is free for a limited period of time.

Play Store Link


cut game ios

Next up we have an iOS game titled “Cut”. This is an art-based puzzle where you are required to collect points by dividing lines into equal parts. The developers have also integrated haptic feedbacks so you can experience the cut in your hand through a series of vibrations.

App Store Link

Kiwi UI Icon Pack

kiwi ui 1

This one, as you can guess, is a premium icon pack for Android. Kiwi UI features a pack of material-themed round 4700+ icons and a range of aesthetically matched wallpapers as well. If you’re looking for a colourful and minimalistic overhaul for your phone, you cannot go wrong with Kiwi UI.

Play Store Link

Rhythm Cat Pro

us iphone 2 rhythm cat pro learn to read music

Rhythm Cat Pro is an iOS app+game that aims to teach kids and adults learn some basic music rhythms by walking them through 60 different levels. The app breaks down the semantics involved in the theory of audio and as a result is only meant for absolute beginners.

App Store Link

Atomic Bomber Fighter Pro

atomic bomber pro android

This item I guess doesn’t need any introduction considering how self-explanatory the title is. Atomic Bomber is an aerial arcade game where you’re supposed to engage in a continuous battle with other aircrafts, tanks and more. Atomic Bomber Pro generally costs INR 100, however, it has been made free as of now.

Play Store Link

Unicorn Icon Pack

unicorn icon pack

Unicorn icon pack isn’t just any other icon pack, mainly because it costs a whopping 320 INR. So what’s so exceptional about it? Well, for starters, the app comes with an extensive set of icons featuring purple, pink, and blue colours with a splash of teal over uniform designed iconography. Each and every graphic seems intricately designed, however, I still don’t think it’s worth the price its developers usually ask for. Fortunately, it’s completely free now, so go ahead and see what it feels like to use an expensive icon pack.

Play Store Link

Blocs Wave

blocs wave

This is another music app which has recently gone complimentary. Blocs Wave is a comprehensive platform for songwriters and musicians with features such as creating tunes, slicing sounds, building loops, and a whole lot more. The developers call it a “portable music studio” and I couldn’t agree more.

App Store Link

Relationship Saver

relationship saver

And finally, we have an Android utility which I think everyone will appreciate – Relationship Saver. This neat little app, once configured, alerts your loved ones whenever your phone falls below the critical level. It usually costs a dollar, but is available for free right now.

Play Store Link

That’s about it for this edition, do let us know if we missed any good ones in the comments section down below.

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