Thanks to the rapid growth of the e-sports industry, manufacturers have been paying a lot of attention to portable gaming laptops. However, despite their efforts, these machines are still terrible to handle on the move due to the added bulk. OEMs generally have to choose between portability and power which beats the entire point of a gaming notebook. Fortunately, the leading GPU maker, NVIDIA has new plans to accost these hurdles, and it is beginning by launching a new technology called “Max-Q”.

nvidia's new max-q technology will reduce the size of gaming laptops by half - geforce gtx max q

Max-Q fundamentally attempts to reduce the size of gaming laptops by optimizing the GPU and its consumption. Once implemented, it allows the premium GeForce GTX 1080 to be operated with significantly less power. By reducing the intake by half, manufacturers can drastically mitigate the thickness of ultrabooks without worrying about heating issues or any other similar hurdle they were previously confined to. Moreover, the company says that the software they’ve included improves thermal management by “balancing the work done on the CPU and GPU” while processing a resource-intensive task.

According to their early tests, Max-Q is capable of reducing a 51mm thick laptop by 30mm and its weight from 4.5kg to 2.2kg which is quite commendable. Additionally, NVIDIA announced “WhisperMode” which is a new “ultra-efficient” software tweak that diminishes the noise your laptop makes while being regularly used. It can also increase the battery life during gaming sessions by concurrently altering the graphics settings. If NVIDIA’s are to be believed true, it is certain that we will be able to buy gaming laptops that can fit in regular backpacks finally. The company has already partnered with a range of OEMs who will be soon announcing their products based on the Max-Q technology.

NVIDIA further mentions on its blog, “There can be no doubt that gaming laptops are now a first-class option for PC gamers. With the advances in GPU architecture and technologies, and the improvements in displays, memories, SSDs and more, for the first time, ever gamers can have sleek, lightweight gaming laptops at the highest performance level.”

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