Bobby Bizz is a Hybrid Bag that Lets you Alternate Between Backpack and Briefcase

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We have seen a handful of backpacks promising to be the ultimate companion for a digital nomad and the latest one to join the ranks is the Bobby Bizz. The Bobby Bizz is positioned as a Business Briefcase and Backpack. The backpack comes with innovative safety features and offers a handful of utilitarian features. The Bobby also comes with a few options that according to the manufacturer makes it immune to pickpocketing.

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Bobby Bizz 2

The Bobby Bizz is the third backpack from XD Design. The backpack comes with hidden zippers to dissuade thieves and an integrated anti-theft lock and is 10L in capacity. Most importantly the bag is kind of a convertible, it can be converted from a backpack to a business suitcase and vice versa. The buckles can be unhooked and the integrated lock can be used when you are leaving the bag unattended, the speciality of the lock is that it is held by an anti-cut steel wire that is further integrated into the right shoulder strap. One can secure the bag to an object as shown in the picture below.

Bobby Bizz 5

The Bobby Bizz is protected with the help of a light metal frame that not only protects the content of your bag but also prevents it from deforming. Like most of the other backpacks, the Bobby Bizz too comes baked in with a USB charger. The bag is water repellent and the light weight metal frame makes it nearly impossible for thieves to cut the bag.


Bobby Bizz 1

The bag has two access modes, the first one is a quick access mode wherein you can access all your belongings with a partial opening flap. The bag opens only up to 30-degree so that your things don’t fall out. However, if you want to organise your belongings the bag can be opened up to 90-degree.

The best thing of all is the small pocket on the shoulder strap to store your metro card or boarding pass or anything that you would need in the immediate future, thoughtful indeed. Also handy are the three hidden pockets at the back of the bag. The storage options galore in Bobby Bizz and it includes nearly everything from a Key holder, pen holder, small pocket, zip pocket, documents and of course the laptop case. The luggage strap lets you place the bag on your trolley and the reflective strip will add an additional layer of security whenever you are biking or even walking on the streets.

The Bobby Bizz is on Kickstarter and the pledges start from €70 and the estimated shipping date is pegged at September 2017. The company has successfully shipped two iterations of the backpacks earlier and that somewhat adds to their credibility.


Source: Kickstarter

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