5 Lesser Known Google Chrome Extensions for Gmail You Should be Using

by: - Last updated on: June 2nd, 2017

Gmail is probably one of the few services people visit and employ multiple times a day. But it’s not perfect, and that’s where third-party add-ons come in. The Google Chrome web store, more specifically, has a wide variety of tools you can attach for supplementing the capabilities of Gmail. However, there exist a few who are usually overlooked and hence, in this article, we talk five lesser-known Chrome extensions for Gmail you should try.

Rename Gmail

We begin with a free extension called “Rename Gmail” that allows you to edit subjects of any email you’ve received. The primary rationale behind someone using this is for a more understandable and clean inbox. Automated emails, especially, don’t usually come with a clear subject line. For instance, a booking confirmation might come with a label such as “your booking has been confirmed,” but it doesn’t specify which and what reservation it is. With Rename Gmail, you can just open the message, click the little pen icon and type in whatever you’d like.

Checker Plus

While Gmail does support desktop notifications, you still are required to open the web app for the reading message. This is where “Checker Plus” comes in. Apart from offering a comprehensive control over notifications, the extension also allows you to quickly glance over the recent emails by clicking its icon on the tray. Moreover, the window can be divided for handling multiple accounts as well. Checker Plus is also entirely free of cost.

Simple Gmail Notes

simple gmail notes

Another nifty little Chrome extension for Gmail is “Simple Gmail Notes”. As the name suggests, the app lets you add some additional notes to emails and search the inbox based on that. Moreover, you can color code according to your preferences and the extension also supports Google Inbox. Additionally, “Simple Gmail Notes” can sync with your Google Drive account, hence, you can use these notes for other purposes as well.

Pretty Print Gmail

pretty print gmail

Pretty Print Gmail” tries to simplify the format whenever you print any email. The extension discards the rest of the interface’s elements and prints only the message. Moreover, you can also append the entire thread to a PDF document and save it. This ability can be applied to multiple independent emails as well, you can just select a number of messages in your inbox and click the print button from the drop down. Pretty Print Gmail is free to use as well.


sniphero gmail

Options for inserting multimedia content in Gmail messages is still quite a hassle, you’re either stuck with adding links or screenshot of the particular page. Fortunately, there is an extension which can help you with this and it’s called “Sniphero”. Sniphero gives you a direct window for embedding files from platforms such as YouTube, Amazon, GIPHY and a lot more. While composing a new message, you can simply tap the extension’s icon, search what you need and add. The app automatically grabs all the crucial information like the title, description, placeholder and links in the email.

Those were some of the lesser-known Gmail extensions you should be using. Let us know if we missed anything good in the comments section below.

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