Apple’s WWDC is that time of the year when the company reveals the new features on the software end across its product lineup. At the ongoing WWDC Apple has announced macOS High Sierra for the Mac lineup, frankly speaking, the naming took me aback for a while and yes it will take some getting used to. Let’s take a look at all the improvements and new features that will be gracing the macOS high Sierra.

apple's macos high sierra arrives with intelligent tracking prevention for safari and mail app improvements - macos high sierra
The Safari browser has been promptly treated to a few feature updates that are mostly quintessential that browsers missed until now. The Safari is undoubtedly the most frugal browsers but Apple went all the way and boldly claimed that Safari is the fastest browser across all benchmark tests including the likes of Jetstream.

In order to take on the new ad blocking features that Google will be baking into the Chrome Apple has introduced its own intelligent features. For instance, Safari will now automatically block the autoplay videos when you open the website and it will also come equipped with an AI-based “Intelligent Tracking Prevention” which will block the ad trackers across sites.

The mail app on the macOS has also been at the receiving end of the update. The mail app now stores 35% less disk space and will offer a multi-window feature for composing emails. Moving on, the Photo app now comes with a sidebar and a filtering option that lets you search for photos using names. The best part though is that the Photo tags will be saved across devices and linked to your Apple ID. Photo App has picked up new editing tools including Curves, contrasts and an ability to edit individual colors.

As rumoured earlier Apple will be using the HFS as the new default File System and this is expected to protect the machine from crashes, save documents safely, get better snapshots and also offer native encryption. The video standard has also been changed to the H.265/HVEC, which is better suited for 4K output. The Final Cut Pro X will receive some optimisations while the Stream VR SDK will be arriving on Mac. High Sierra developers beta will be available starting today while the Public beta will arrive by the end of June.


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