Recording videos on smartphones have never been more convenient. Along with being highly mobile and portable, phones are also capable of shooting detailed and impressive footage now irrespective of how shaky your hands are. Consequently, developers have devised a slew of tools to ameliorate the experience even further. One such app is “Duomov” (~duo movies) that allows you to simultaneously record videos with your friend.

record videos simultaneously with a friend using duomov app - duomov ios screenshots

The concept here is quite straightforward, you invite one of your nearby friends to collaborate, record individual videos and the app will automatically stitch them both together without any frame drops or lags. Duomov employs a peer-to-peer WiFi mechanism for ensuring quick transfers and hence, works without any connection to the internet whatsoever. Ofcourse, your partner will need to be in a close location for it to work over WiFi.

The process for pairing two devices has been also kept relatively minimalistic, one of the two invokes a request and the other accepts it for getting started. From there, both of them shoot their own versions of the scene and once done, Duomov creates a multi-window video with the individual footage playing concurrently. There are various obvious use cases for Duomov. One of which can be to record an event like a concert or a wedding with two different perspectives. The app works surprisingly well unlike others and you won’t face any sort of audio hiccups as well.

Duomov is still relatively new to the app store, hence, there are a few glaring shortcomings to it. One of these is the absence of any kind of editing tools for granular-level cropping, filters or anything else. It’s also limited to just two devices right now, both of which need to be nearby. Duomov is currently available only for iOS, however, the developers mention its Android counterpart will be released soon.

You can grab it from the app store for free via this link.

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