The best part of owning an Apple product is that you don’t have a dearth of accessories whatsoever. We have seen some truly creative accessories like this iPhone dock that would turn your smartphone into a Macintosh laptop and an iPhone case with e-ink display at the back. The Oittm Pocket Sized Charger is one such accessory, but instead of the iPhone, it’s meant for the Apple Watch.

oittm is an ultra portable apple watch wireless charger with a 700mah powerbank - apple watch oitm

The keychain sized Oittm Pocket Sized Charger comes with an Apple MFi certified magnetic Apple Watch charger. Apart from the usual charge feature the charger can also store 700mAh of power. One can simply connect any microUSB charging cable, and they will be good to go.

oittm is an ultra portable apple watch wireless charger with a 700mah powerbank - oitm 1 e1499144972529

Oittm Pocket Sized Charger uses MCU management to protect the Apple Watch from overcurrent, electronic quantities detection and thus ensures the safety for your watch. Since the wireless charging dock is portable one can do without the long Apple Watch charging cable. Also since the powerbank can be charged using the standard microUSB and with this you will no more need to carry the Apple Watch charging cable.

The Oittm Pocket Sized Charger will pass as a normal keychain if not for the circular magnetic disk. The 700mAh polymer battery is rated to charge your Apple Watch up to 3 hours. The charger suits Apple Watch Series 1 and 2. Oittm Pocket Sized Charger can be purchased from Amazon at $39.98. Apple claims that the Watch series 2 should ideally last for an entire day of usage but we all know how different the battery backup is when it comes to real life scenario. Also worth mentioning is the Reserve Strap, an Apple Watch strap that promises to add 30-hours of battery life with the typical usage.

However, the Reserve Strap doesn’t come cheap at a staggering $249.99, and the product is currently suspended since Apple is yet to resolve the issue of blocking third party accessories on the Watch OS 2.

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