When it comes to Xiaomi and its crowdfunding platform, things can get very confusing. In most cases, Xiaomi only helps the startups launch their products on Mi’s crowdfunding site, a few of them do make it to Xiaomi’s e-commerce website at a later stage. The latest product to ask to be crowdfunded is an earphone developed by a startup called HelloEar. The Mi HelloEar Arc, apparently, is the world’s first custom made earphones. These earphones made its first appearance at the CES this year.

The HelloEar Arc earphones come with a unique design that’s built to provide comfort during long hours of usage. Xiaomi claims that these earphones are a result of four tedious years of research by its developer, HelloEar. The startup studied hundreds of thousands of ear molds to develop the Arc earphones. For doing so, the company had partnered with Tsinghua University and succeeded in developing the world’s first human ear database. This, in turn, helped HelloEar develop the Arc earphones.

helloear arc

The most interesting feature of the HelloEar Arc earphones is its customizability. So no more shifting between small, medium and large ear tips to find your perfect fit. To get your custom HelloEar Arc earphones, all you need to do is to take a few photos of your ear from a phone. Thereafter, HelloEar will use its advanced ear recognition algorithm to measure the dimensions of your ear. Finally, your custom made earphone will be shipped across to you.

HelloEar Arc earphones use a patented Z-lock design as standard. This Z-lock design ensures a secure yet comfortable fit, thereby allowing you to use it during fitness activities. The ear tips of this earphone are made from medical grade soft silica. Internally, the Mi HelloEar Arc earphones are powered by a Sonion balanced armature speaker. It offers a 106.5dB at 1000Hz and 25 Ohm of resistance.

helloear arc

The Mi HelloEar Arch earphones come with a 1.2m long Kevlar fiber core wire. It also has a built-in microphone along with three buttons for performing various tasks. Besides, the HelloEar Arc earphones from Xiaomi come with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The original HelloEar earphone, however, came with Bluetooth, Lightning and USB Type-C cable options.

Mi HelloEar Arc Price and Availability

Xiaomi has priced the HelloEar Arc earphones at 299 Yuan (Rs 2,850/$44). It is currently available for pre-order only in China via the official Mi store. The earphones will start shipping by August 22.

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