How to Create Your Own Icon Pack on Android

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by: - Last updated on: July 17th, 2017

Icon packs have been around for awhile on Android. However, despite the myriad options, there are times when none of them suit your vogue. Therefore, to overcome this, we present to you – “Icon Pack Studio” which as the name suggests, is an Android app that lets you build an icon pack from the ground up.

icon pack studio android

The process of creating icon packs through this app is mostly straightforward. You install it and follow a series of personalization steps for specifying your choice of colors, gradients, background, and whatnot. Once that’s complete, you can simply export the result and apply to any launcher you’d like. The app automatically resizes other apps’ shape and texture to match your configurations and generates a high-resolution outcome. “Icon Pack Studio” is free for starters. However, you will have to shed some extra if you want any additional backgrounds or effects.

For getting started with Icon Pack Studio, head over to the play store and download the app. Launch the app. Tap the little plus button on the bottom right corner and select options based on your needs starting from the shape. Next, you will be asked to choose the background in which you have three options – custom colors, extract from any existing app icon or wallpaper. Press next to continue and configure the border stroke thickness color. After that, you will have to specify a few more parameters for creating a custom icon pack.

Lastly, once that’s over, you will have to tap the exported pack and install it by hitting the “eye” icon on the top followed by the tick one. There, you will also find settings if you want to make any changes. The developer has included a few presets which you can use or edit. Tap the folder icon on the home page for accessing them.That’s all you need to know for fabricating your own icon pack. It’s certainly worth a shot if you are fed from the apps available on the play store.

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