“Free App Alert” is a series where we list out a couple of premium/paid apps which are available for free for a limited period. In today’s edition, we have a range of utilities as usual for Android and iOS. Since some of you were asking about the games, we have included a couple of interesting games that have gone free. Feel free to suggest any app that you like which has gone free (forever or for a limited time). Please note that the app developers can change the pricing anytime, so please be fast.


Klocki is a minimalistic indie puzzle game which has gone free for a limited period. Your goal essentially is to connect various types of lines and complete the levels. The game also features a relaxing soundtrack which truly sounds mesmerizing especially if you’ve earphones on.

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free app alert: klocki, yankai's triangle, wallzy pro and more [ios/android] - yankee triangle ios

Next up is an iOS game – Yankai’s Triangle. As the name suggests, the puzzle title is oriented around you tapping and spinning a bunch of triangles to progress further. Colors also play a significant role in this and you can even compare your scores on a global leaderboard.

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Wallzy Pro

free app alert: klocki, yankai's triangle, wallzy pro and more [ios/android] - wallzy pro android

This is one of the most popular and dense wallpaper apps available for Android. Wallzy Pro comes with a rich collection of high-resolution wallpapers you can browse. The app adds new content almost every day and even features exclusive wallpapers from time to time. In addition to that, there’s an inbuilt editor you can employ for adding blur and text to the images. Wallzy Pro is usually a paid app, however, you can grab it for free right now.

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VOX: FLAC Music Player

free app alert: klocki, yankai's triangle, wallzy pro and more [ios/android] - voc flac ios

This is a comprehensive music player for iOS which can play tracks from either SoundCloud, Spotify or from your personal music collection. The app supports almost every audio format there is and features a slew of supplementing features such as an equalizer, the ability to stream content through AirPlay, and more. VOX, in fact, was the number one paid application last year. You can download it from the link down below.

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Drawtopia Premium

Moving on, we’ve yet another paid Android game for you – Drawtopia Premium. The physics puzzle game comes with a rather intuitive approach where you need to draw lines and dots to solve brain challenges. There are sixty levels, and it also supports Google Play Achievements. It generally costs Rs 120 but is available for free as of now.

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Dead Venture

free app alert: klocki, yankai's triangle, wallzy pro and more [ios/android] - dead venture ios

Dead Venture is a premium adventure game for iOS where you need to shoot your way as an automobile out of the levels. The story mode consists of eight chapters in which your only goal is to “smash zombies, beat bosses, upgrade vehicles and earn cash”. There’s also a survival and time-trial mode available.

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Last Seen Online

“Last Seen Online” is an interesting take on mobile games and tries to simulate a real-time chat story told through a fake messenger interface. It involves you to read through the text messages of a missing girl and then start receiving messages from her family and friends over 7 days as you discover what happened to her. This game usually costs Rs 250, however, is available for free right now.

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Round Corners

Did you feel the desire for rounded corners on your phone after the LG G6 launch? Well, this app exists entirely for that and it’s free too now. The app adjusts your screen and adds round corners which you can customize as per your needs. Furthermore, you can specify which apps to exclude and include for this.

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Volume Scheduler Pro

Volume Scheduler allows you create various audio profiles with varying levels and automatically turns them on based on the timings you have defined. If you’re someone who constantly needs to switch between modes, this is certainly a must-have.

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That’s it for this edition of ‘Free App Alert’, do let us know in the comments section if we missed a good deal.

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