The (2017) Nokia 3310 Review: Simplicity in a Smart World

Being inverse in verse…

by: - Last updated on: August 2nd, 2017

It is a phone that reminds us of a different era – one that was simpler, was more happy than happy and where phones just made calls. Small wonder then that we decided to review the Nokia 3310 differently. In verse rather than prose.

nokia 3310 review 6

It’s a phone
That’s it.
A phone
Just like the one
It is named after.
The one that came before
In 2000.
The one that broke pavements
By falling on them.
This one won’t.
It is built solidly, yes,
But not for pavement demolition.
It will turn heads instead
With its colors
And because it is so
Incredibly small.
So small
That it makes the iPhone SE look big.

nokia 3310 review 4

The geeks will say
What of the tech specs?
What tech specs?
This is not a smartphone.
No HD display,
No multi core processor,
No 3G, no 4G, no Wi-Fi,
No gigs of storage or RAM,
No front camera,
No high megapixel rear camera (just two megapixels)
No “proper” apps,
No WhatsApp even.
What does it have then?
Nothing except
A great keyboard
(Remember those?)
Great sound on calls
A battery that goes on
And on and on
(Two charges = a week)
And a game called Snake
In color.

Nokia3310 C

Should you buy it?
For Rs 3310 (lesser now)?
Or should you spend
A little more
And get something better?
A Moto C, a Redmi 4A, a Yunique 2?
Just ask yourself:
What do you need?
A computer?
Or a phone?
Text or e-mail?
Calls or chats?
Mobile network connectivity
Or social network connectivity?
Do you want to leave
Your portable charger at home?

nokia 3310 old new

Do you need a cycle
In an era of cars?
It is not fast
But it is healthy.
A glass of water
In the era of carbonated and health drinks?
It is not tasty,
But it is healthy.
A human being
In an age of robots?
It is not super efficient,
But is self-sufficient.

nokia 3310 review 3

Do not buy it
For your “old mother or father”
Do not buy it
For your “driver or maid”
Do not buy it
As a “back up phone.”
But it because
All you do with a phone
Is talk
And text
And want to do so
Without worrying
About reception
On either of the two SIMs
About battery

Nokia3310 B

The Nokia 3310
In 2017.
In the smartphone era
Remind us
That even smarts
Need a phone…

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