Google’s Phone App is apparently going to get yet another new feature in the form of a floating call button. The Phone app is known for offering a stock clean UI along with other utilitarian features like spam warnings. However, managing the call from the home screen took some efforts as one had to open the calling app from the list of ‘open’ apps.

google phone app expected to get a floating styled bubble icon - google phone app

The new floating button is a circular phone icon that appears on your screen. Tapping on the same will let you end the call, mute the microphone and will also let you toggle the loudspeaker. Well although it differs in functionality the icon works in lines with the Facebook Messenger chat heads. Moreover, the icon can be dragged to any part of the screen, and one can access the primary call screen by holding the floating icon.

That said it’s still not clear on whether or not this feature will make it to the future iterations of the app. The floating call icon was uncovered in version 11 of the Google Phone app and is undergoing testing. Perhaps this feature will be bundled with the Google Pixel 2 launch along with the other new features.

What most of us need to realize is that the new phone icon is capable of solving a very crucial issue with the phone app. I have always been using Google Phone app along with stock Android. It takes quite a lot of efforts whenever I try to switch back to the calling screen from any other app when a call is in progress. The phone icon is expected to iron out this issue. On a related note, the Android O stable version is expected to roll out on August 21, and this is the time when Google will christen the Android O as well. Check out how the new feature works in the video below,

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