Diabetes one of the most annoying diseases on earth, and while it can be controlled easily using right balance of food and workout, most people fail to regularly log their Sugar levels to get an idea if they are in the safe zone or not. So when you visit your doctor without any proper record, the only option is either to get a test done right away, which adds to the delay, or go for an HbA1c test which can give a clear idea of how your sugar levels been past three months.

Recording Sugar Levels is Easy

It is surprising that even though we have a Smartphone in hand and we spend a lot of time on Social Networks, we are intentionally lethargic when it comes to health. The dawn of technology we are at now, a smartphone can help you to keep yourself fit.

Recording Sugar Levels is easy, thanks to the tons of apps available, and Glucometers which have become smart and connected. In this post, I am talking about a couple of Smart Glucometers which can automatically log your sugar levels on the phone without much of effort.

How do Smart Glucometers work?

best smart glucometers and how to choose the right one - smart glucometers

The main device which scans sugar level in your blood is connected to a smartphone. Once the scan is complete, it sends data to their app, and it records it. Most of them work using the 3.5 mm audio jack, and some work over Bluetooth. The latter gets more preference as many smartphones these days are ditching audio jacks completely. There is a compromise though. Devices which connects over Bluetooth drains your battery a lot more.

That said, the packaging usually contains the glucometer, lancing pins (used to prick your finger for a bit of blood used for testing), testing strips, and sometimes a bag to carry things together.

1. BeatO

Based out of India, in my personal opinion, this is one of the best options to choose from all. Unlike the standard Glucometers, the main device is very compact and comes with an attached audio jack male port. The package comes with the testing device, strips, lancing pins and so on. However, you will need a pouch to carry all of them together.

best smart glucometers and how to choose the right one - beatoglucometer

App Features:

The reason I highly recommend it is that even if you don’t have the glucometer from the company, you can manually log your levels, and it offers all the right options when doing it. It offers options to record sugar level for Fasting, Post Breakfast, Pre Lunch, Post Lunch, Pre Dinner, Post Dinner, 3 AM and Random. This is exactly the time my doctor recommended to me test.

Also, the app smartly selects the timing for you when you manually log or when you do it using the device. Finally, you also get a graph of the sugar levels for last 7 readings, last 30 days, ad last 100 days.

  • It is specifically built for India as the measurement unit is mg/dl. Countries like the US, U.K., and others use MMO/L, and there is no way to change it.
  • You can setup reminders for testing before and after meals.
  • The data doesn’t seem to be available or stored in the cloud, nor did I find any web portal for that. However, the app does offer to change your connected mobile number to carry over your data.
  • Offers Remote Access to troubleshoot glucometer, and Chat with customer support.

What is included in the package?

  • 1 Smartphone Glucometer
  • 20 Strips
  • 20 Lancets
  • 1 Lancing device
  • 3 Month FREE Diabetes Expert Support
  • 1 User manual

Price: Starts at INR 1500. Look for more details here

2. MyDario

You will be seriously impressed just by the looks of this glucometer. It’s modern, it is sleek and offers a compact solution to carry all the components in one single package which you can hold in your hands or slide it in your pocket. You can call it the pocket-size meter, and doesn’t need you to carry a bulky pouch.


  • MyDario and BeatO don’t use a battery.
  • The testing strips are available in a replaceable cartridge. It is much easier to replace, and maintain.
  • Blood glucose readings are directly tracked, charted, and analyzed for you.
  • Lancing device is inbuilt with slider to adjust how strongly it should prick your skin. It’s important as some people have thicker skin compared to others.
  • Syncs with the cloud aka Online Account of MyDario, so you never loose your data. This also makes it easy to share data with anybody.
  • The company offers webs based Diabetes Management Solution

best smart glucometers and how to choose the right one - mydario smart glucometer e1504090763886

App Features:

Coming to the app the company offers, it’s not as impressive as the BeatO, but does offer many things which are not in the BeatO. Here is the list:

  • Lets you adjust goals for sugar levels. Depending on the age, and diabetes conditions some doctors do recommend you to change it.
  • Offers estimated HB1AC results if you input your food when you record sugar levels.
  • Offers Logbook, Timeline, and Charts.
  • Share results over email.
  • Offers Insights which will help you monitor your blood sugar patterns.
  • Lets you change measurement units to support all international units. Along with this, you can also create the history of your diabetes which includes Type, Date, Type of insulin treatment (Pen, Syringe, and Pump), and Insulin Management.

MyDario is probably the best when it comes to design, usability, and it caters to international consumers. The pricing starts at $69.99. Buy from here.

3. iHealth

best smart glucometers and how to choose the right one - ihealth smart e1502246473115

This company makes a lot of smart products which range from Smart Blood Pressure meter to smart scale, and also the Smart Glucometer. It stands out of the list for being cheaper, and it comes in two version. One that works over Bluetooth, just like the regular glucometer, but has a Bluetooth to send data to the app, and the second one works with Audio Jack Port and is super compact.

Types of Glucometers:

  • Smart (Bluetooth with Display)
  • Align (works via 3.5mm Audio Jack)

App Features:

  • Your data is stored in their cloud, and have the option to export results to an Excel, PDF, or CSV file. This way you can share it with doctor or family member, allowing them to get an overall picture of your health.
  • You can log your exercise, and food when taking a reading. This is helpful for a doctor to know in case the readings are not under the limits. The app offers a digital logbook for the same.
  • The final figures are color coded to help you know if the levels were off the chart.
  • Get push notifications to remind you to take glucose readings, medication, or insulin.

The only problem is that you cannot use their app if you don’t have the device to record the data manually. If you are hooked to their environment, one app does it all for you.

What’s included in the package?

IHealth Smart

  • 1 Smart Glucose Meter
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 10 Lancets
  • 1 Lancing device
  • 1 Travel case
  • 1 USB charging cable

Starts at $29.99. More here

iHealth Align

  • 1 Align glucose meter
  • 2 Lithium cell batteries
  • 1 Lancing device
  • 10 Lancets
  • 1 Travel pouch
  • 4 Sanitary phone covers
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Quick Start Guide

Starts at $16.95. More here

I am sure there are many more out there, but keeping mind the price, form factor, and the app these companies offer, these are the best out there. I am curious if you know anybody who uses a similar glucometer. If yes, do let us know which smart glucometer.

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