Nest has finally launched another variant to its first thermostat that was launched in 2011. The Nest Thermostat E comes with all the features of the traditional Nest along with a new design. The best part, however, is that the new iteration of Nest actually costs lesser than the older one. I wouldn’t exactly say that the design update did wonders since the Nest Thermostat now looks bland and seems borderline boring.

nest thermostat e launched at $169 - nest thermostat e 1

The thermostat is expected to help save you on the heating bill with the built in intelligence. I am somehow not convinced by the frosted display which only seems to dull the display. Rotating the ring will show the temperature and will also let you set the same.

nest thermostat e launched at $169 - nest thermostat e02

Nest has apparently put a polarized glass on the top of the 320 x 320 panel, and this is done to blur the display intentionally. The Nest Thermostat will be connected to the internet, and it can be controlled via the companion app and is also integrated with Google Home. The thermostat will automatically switch on/off depending up on the GPS location of your phone. One can also set the thermostat to the preferred temperature before reaching home.

The company claims that the users can save up to 12 to 15-percent on their heating and cooling bills every year. However, the new Nest Thermostat E has a few downsides, first is that it won’t be supporting the older heating and cooling systems but again the company claims that it should support 85 percent of the homes. Nest Thermostat E also skips the Nest’s “farsight” feature that let the thermostat know when you are across the room and turns on the display accordingly.

That being said, the Nest Thermostat E will still offer presence detection, integration with third party services that support the Nest. The new Nest model will support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant it will start shipping from tomorrow at $169 while the older Nest will continue retailing at $249. The company is expecting to sell 2-3x and is betting on the lower retail price to do the trick.

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