We have seen drones in different sizes and form factors, from the mainstream DJI Phantoms to the foldable Passport compact drone. That being said a new Kickstarter project called Aire caught my fancy. Unlike the other drones, Aire is a drone with security as the cornerstone. It is designed to keep homes and properties safe from intruders and other miscreants.

aire is an indoor surveillance drone that bundles amazon alexa - aire smart drone

The Aire comes bundled with a companion app and alerts the owner once it detects or hears anything out of the ordinary. The companion app will beam a notification and the owner can lookup on their phone to check whether the alarm is a real threat or not. The Aire being a drone will scan your entire property and will let users access the video feed wirelessly. Unlike other home monitoring system, you can actually check the impending threat in real time.

aire is an indoor surveillance drone that bundles amazon alexa - aire drone 3

The drone is apparently trained to avoid obstacles and keep itself afloat in the air. One can also check the home remotely y controlling the drone from the companion app. Furthermore, the drone can also be used for video conferencing using the built-in mic and speaker. Interestingly one can use the drone to control their Alexa remotely from anywhere in the world. Unlike the other drones the Aire doesn’t buzz like a mosquito, and at most only a hum can be associated with the drone.

Helping the Aire stay afloat are tow stereo cameras for vision along with a 3D depth camera sensor, downward facing camera for positioning and ultrasonic sensors along the periphery. All of the data is processed by a Nvidia TX1 chip, and the drone is also capable of carrying out basic Alexa, and IFTTT commands. Yet another interesting feature is that you can ask for the Aire to scan the entire house, just in case. The drone takes off from its dock and lands on the same. The device is also capable of creating a 3D map of your home and can also take your photos.

Aged parents at the house? Well, the Aire seems to be best suited for remotely taking care of aged people at home. All said and done the Aire doesn’t come cheap at $1,499 but for those of you who back it up on Kickstarter can buy the Aire at a discounted price of $749.

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