Chrome has been one of the most preferred browsers when it comes to the Android ecosystem. In fact, Chrome commands the highest market share when it comes to mobiles, followed by Safari. Google is apparently testing out a new experimental feature that will push notification for breaking news.

google is testing out 'breaking news' push notification feature on chrome for android - google chrome feature

As with all the Chrome experimental feature this one too can be toggled on/off at chrome://flags. The Chrome Canary is usually the testbed for Google to test run a particular feature before turning it on permanently. Truth be told, Chrome has a stash of interesting opt-in features. The newest experiment is the one that beams push notification for breaking news event and is aptly titled, ‘Breaking News Push.’

google is testing out 'breaking news' push notification feature on chrome for android - google chrome flag

Google will make use of the GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) service in order to push the notifications. Apparently, the feature is not yet live since it doesn’t seem to deliver a push notification. If you are on Google Chrome Canary channel, do check out the feature and let us know if it works for you. I personally tried this out and from the past two hours or so I am yet to receive notification.

For those of you who are alien to the idea of Google Chrome Canary head punch in chrome://flags in your URL bar and this will open a checklist of new experiments that you can enable. Ideally once done you should be able to see a notification that confirms the same. The feature we are talking about is labeled “Breaking News Push.”

Google has pushed a ton of features by testing them first on the Canary build, even features like the Google Now cards were first optional opt-ins for Chrome Canary. That apart I have previously had some bad experience after enabling a beta feature, just make sure that you can afford such minor disruptions before enabling the features.

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