WhatsApp Web has been around for a while now. However, while the company has consistently made its new updates available on the messaging service’s desktop counterpart, the rest of the feature set is rather quite limited for a web application.

6 chrome extensions for improving your whatsapp web experience - whatsapp web chrome

WhatsApp Extensions for Chrome

However, as with any other web service, there are third-party tools that you can use to improve the experience. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some such WhatsApp Chrome extensions.

Update: This article was updated with newer (and better) WhatsApp Chrome extensions in November 2021.

1. WAToolkit

WAToolkit is a free extension that sends you notifications for WhatsApp messages in the background, even when there’s no active window on your browser. It also updates the extension’s icon with the number of unread messages you have. Hovering over this icon lets you glance over the pending messages. It’s free as well.

6 chrome extensions for improving your whatsapp web experience - watoolkit whatsapp web

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2. Privacy Extension For WhatsApp Web

This is a nifty little WhatsApp Chrome extension that, as the name suggests, keeps your WhatsApp Web conversations private. Until you hover over them. How cool is that?

This WhatsApp Web Chrome extension increases privacy in public areas by blurring your messages together with other content and being visible only when you hover over it. You can also use a keyboard shortcut to toggle all effects quickly, or you can click the toggle button in the extension’s menu.


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3. WA Web Plus

This is by far the most popular WhatsApp extension for Chrome. With this Google Chrome browser extension, you can extend Whatsapp web features and provide more business and marketing tools to optimize your customers’ communication. Considering how popular WhatsApp has become for business use in recent times, this is an easy recommendation for most marketers and businesses.

With WA Web Plus, you can create a link that allows customers to reach your WhatsApp directly and send customized and automatic responses. Also, with CRM integration, you can import and export contacts from your favorite software.

wa web plus extension

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4. Zapp

If you regularly talk through voice clips on WhatsApp, Zapp is a must-have tool to have. In addition, it adds an option for tweaking the recording’s pace and volume in Chrome’s toolbar. Hence, you can now listen to all those clips without pauses in between.

Once you have entered WhatsApp Web, click the icon to the right of the address bar. You’ll see a box with all the controls you need to edit the audio recordings in WhatsApp Web. For example, if you want to change the speed or volume, just click on the arrows or scroll the mouse wheel.

6 chrome extensions for improving your whatsapp web experience - whatsapp web zapp

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5. WAIncognito

Ever wanted to disable your read receipts and last seen status without having to miss out on others? Well, with this extension, now you can. “WAIncognito” literally makes you incognito on WhatsApp. Therefore, you’ll be able to check your friends’ (or customers’) read receipts and last seen, but no one will able to see yours.

Moreover, the app also comes with a timer setting that automatically blue-ticks a read message after a specified period of time. In this period, however, the extension will even display a cancel button in case you change your mind.

It works for groups and statuses/stories as well. It also lets you keep deleted messages and restore them later if required.

“WAIncognito” is entirely free of cost as well, and you can download it from the link down below.

6 chrome extensions for improving your whatsapp web experience - whatsapp web incognito

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6. Web Sender for WhatsApp

With Web Sender, you can enhance your experience using WhatsApp Web on Google Chrome. On the Chrome Webstore, it is currently rated as the top web sender. Therefore, you can use Web Sender to the fullest extent by getting detailed information about your campaigns and promotional efforts. Moreover, these messages can be customized based on the customer’s name, email, order number, etc.

The time when your message is sent to users can even be scheduled so that the messages are automatically sent at the desired time. For example, you can broadcast messages to users using Web Sender. Messages will be sent in a few seconds after clicking a few buttons.


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If you are looking to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on a computer, then check out SessionBox. This WhatsApp extension for Chrome makes it super easy to replicate WhatsApp Web sessions on your browser without breaking a sweat.

Those were some of the best WhatsApp Web extensions available for Google Chrome. Let us know in the comments section if we missed a good one.

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