We have already seen how shops in malls and other public places try to get our attention with their beacons. Earlier it was placards and neon signs that were designed to draw attention and now the whole affair seems to have gone digital. The Beam Authentic is a button-shaped device that can stream anything ranging from a customised message to perhaps a funny GIF. The best part is that this button comes with a small battery powered AMOLED screen.

beam is a smart wearable button that lets you broadcast gifs and messages - beam authentic 1

The Beam Authentic is touted as the worlds first smart connected wearable. Apart from the 400×400 AMOLED display, ambient sensors, magnetic clip, the Beam authentic also comes with a rated battery life of 24-hours. The Beam Authentic is something you could use in a party place or perhaps a public gathering. This is a device that I could see volunteers trying to get attention for their cause can use.

The Beam Authentic is currently selling for $99 on their official website and this includes a $3 donation to a charity. Now I can see a wide range of use for the Beam authentic, however, the device will still appeal to a certain niche. Beam Authentic can also be used for games that involve a large group. As far as I am concerned the Beam Authentic seems more like a device that broadcasts your message to the people in the same group. It is almost like having the effect of a loudspeaker without the noise of one. It may also end up helping people break the ice and start conversations.

The BEAM device offers people who love to showcase their favorite images, affinities, causes and other passions, a dynamic, interactive option to solicit support, invite healthy debate, or communicate what they value to many people all at once (without saying a single word)

A particular group of Beamers can access the same stream content via the Beam app or the Beam devices. The only caveat I can see, as of now, is that it compulsorily requires the app or the Beam device to access the message. The Beam Authentic is available for both Android and iOS.

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