The Crypto craze seems to be at an all-time high with the Bitcoin market recovering from the recent dip. Apart from the mainstream attention, the cryptocurrencies are finally being developed to cater for real-world usage. For instance, Cardano, one of the recent altcoins is reportedly developing a paperless ATM. Additionally, the peer to peer bitcoin trading also seems to be at an all-time high. Services like local coins are helping people trade with each other without relying on the exchanges.

beechat is a blockchain based messenger that supports multiple crypto currencies - beechat crypto messenger

BeeChat is one of the first few blockchain based messengers. The BeeChat first went live in October this year and ever since the app has successfully garnered millions of users. BeeChat is currently available in 8 languages and supports both iOS and Android. Currently, the app supports more than 10 digital currencies.

That apart, the focus of the app is to provide crypto-based messaging, discussions, cryptocurrency wallet and also a crypto news aggregation platform. The wallet can be used for storing, sending and receiving digital currencies with the users in real-time. Crypto users can also create their own groups for discussions and analytics. BeeChat has already invited key opinion leaders to share their thoughts on the cryptocurrencies via the chat rooms and the discussion forums.

The makers of BeeChat also seem to have taken care of “coin airdropping”, a PR exercise to give free coins to the members. That apart, members can also reward the KOL’s if they find the interaction to be helpful in any manner. Needless to say, an app like this can potentially replace Telegram, which is one of the most widely used messenger apps for Crypto related discussions.

Well, the makers of BeeChat claim that their’s is the first Blockchain centric messaging app but I beg to differ. Apps like Status have already been live for quite some time and have also garnered a good response. The BeeChat’s unique selling point is not the blockchain based messaging feature but the fact that it can support multiple cryptocurrencies.

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