I have literally lost count of the number when it comes to Xiaomi backed products. The products range from smart shoes to toothbrushes and what not. YouPin is yet another crowdfunding platform backed by Xiaomi and it is on this platform that the Yunmi Smart Dishwasher has been launched. Priced at $395, the Yunmi Dishwasher promises to wash the dishes in a smart way.

xiaomi backed yumni smart dishwasher is priced at $395 - xiaomi yumni dishwasher

Powering the Yunmi Dishwasher is an Italian made washing pump which is rated to deliver up to 15000pa of ultra-high pulse pressure flushing water flow. The pulse pressure is used to create an alternative pressure pattern with highs and lows. This high pressure will help the dishwasher remove the stains and wash the dishes while making sure that the dishes are not damaged. That apart the dishwasher has a washing temperature of 70-degree Celcius and this is something that will help dissolve the oil from the dishes.

xiaomi backed yumni smart dishwasher is priced at $395 - xiaomi yumni dishwasher 2

The Yunmi Dishwasher employs a 3D spray technology which ensures that the water spray is extended 360-degrees towards both the top and the bottom end. In order to aid faster drying the smart dishwasher comes fitted with a PTC hot air drying system imported from Japan. The dishwasher comes with the usual standard, economical and custom wash modes and can accommodate 8 sets of cutlery. Additionally, the Yumni Dishwasher also comes with fast wash modes that can be used to do the dishes in just 30 minutes.

That being said, the smartness of the dishwasher is limited to the fact that it can be controlled with the companion app. The app not only lets you control the wash cycles but will also allow you to use the dishwasher remotely. At the time of writing this article, the Yunmi Smart Dishwasher was listed as “Product Sold Out” on the crowdfunding site. Currently, the Yumni Dishwasher is listed at 2,499 Yuan ($395) and we are not sure as to when it will be readily available.

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