It’s almost six months since the Apple iPhone X was launched and until now, the users didn’t have a formidable choice when it comes to quality battery cases. I did find a bunch of battery cases for iPhone X on Amazon but most of these came from manufacturers I have never heard of before.

Mophie is all set to launch a new iPhone X battery case and despite being of lower capacity, the case seems to fit in perfectly. The Mophie Juice Air Pack for iPhone X will be the first Qi Certified charger which will allow both the case and the phone to be charged. The Mophie Juice Air Pack has appeared on AT&T’s database and is listed with a capacity of 1720mAh and it has also passed the wireless test. The additional capacity will roughly add up to 9 additional hours of talk time to the iPhone X.

As far as the listing is concerned, the Mophie Juice Pack Air is offered in blue and red colors. The case seems to fit snugly with a minimum increase in the size of the device. The case is expected to cost in the range of $90 in the AT&T outlets, however, Mophie might end up charging a slight premium for the other customers. The iPhone X Mophie Juice Pack Air should be available soon. On a related note, Mophie has just recently launched a fast wireless charging pad for both Apple and Samsung phones.

The iPhone X is among the first iPhone to come with a wireless charging feature. The device also comes with fast charging feature which will charge the battery from 0-50 percent in just 30-minutes. Earlier on we have covered Anker’s Powerwave 7.5, a wireless charger that supports the Qi-enabled devices and can handle varying charge capacity.

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