Reliance Jio has announced yet another intriguing service today. The newly launched service is called “Jio Interact” and is supposedly the worlds first AI-based brand engagement video platform. With the Jio Interact, subscribers can place a Live Video Call with India’s favorite celebrities. The Jio Interact debuts with Amitabh Bachchan who will promote his latest film via the platform.

jio interact is an ai-based brand engagement platform that lets you video call celebrities - jio interact

JioInteract is expected to shape up as an innovative and intuitive way for brands to engage with Jio’s subscriber base which is in access to 150 million smartphone users. This can be used by movie makers and other brands to promote themselves. In the upcoming updates, Jio will also launch other services like the video call centers, video catalog, and virtual showrooms for the best customer experience.

As of now, the JioInteract will allow users to make “Live Video Call” to their favorite celebrity Amitabh Bachchan starting from 4th May. In this session, users can ask questions about the upcoming movie and also book the tickets on a real-time basis by heading over to BookMyShow. In order to use this service, head over to MyJio app, click on JioInteract icon and lo behold you will be able to chat with Amitabh Bachan over a live video call. Moreover, users can also share their experience by sharing the video with their friends and family.

As far as AI part is concerned, the JioInteract will come with an auto-learning feature that will improve the accuracy with which the AI bot answers. Jio likes to call this as VCBaaS (Video Call Bot as a Service) and will use the full-scale multimedia capabilities to help brands develop a strong engagement with their followers. Well, this isn’t the first time we have seen such bots, Microsoft has already tried its hand with bots like Tay, but perhaps, this is the first time an AI backed bot will be used for direct marketing purposes. The JioInteract app will be launched on 4th of May.

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