As leaked a few days ago, Google has today announced a bunch of Android features which will help you fight off smartphone addiction at its annual developer conference, I/O. Part of the company’s efforts towards promoting digital wellbeing, Android will soon have a feature called “Dashboard” which will essentially summarize all your activities like screen time, individual app usage, and more.

android's new digital wellbeing features will assist you fight off smartphone addiction - android dashboard

In addition to that, Google will be also updating a bunch of its apps like YouTube to integrate with the Android Dashboard. For instance, if you have been watching videos on YouTube for more than a few hours, the app will throw a notification suggesting you take a break. There’s also something known as “Notification Digest” which will accumulate all the notifications from an app like YouTube and send you at a later period to balance your phone time.

These features will be based on your own habits which Android will record and analyze over the course of a period. Through Android Dashboard, you’ll be also able to configure custom timers for applications and monitor your past usage for all the installed applications. Google began adding features similar to these a few months ago starting with Family Link where parents can limit how much time their kids spend on their phones.

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