Google has now enhanced the AI game for its Photos app. The latest Google Photos update will enable users to auto-correct their photos based on suggestions by the app’s integrated artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the all-new Google Photos app can automatically create better collages, animations, movies, stylized photos and more.

google photos ai update

The new changes introduced to the Google Photos app at the I/O developer conference today makes it a lot easier for the average users to fix their photos. The AI built into the new app suggest fixes and various tweaks that include but not limited to rotations, brightness, corrections, adding pops of color.

Google believe that idea of adding AI to the Photos app will have a major impact on how end consumers use the app. According to them, users tune about 5 billion photos view per day on the app. The incorporation of the AI technology will not only help the users find the right fixes for their photos but also save a lot of time; as they can now edit the photos in a single click.

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The new Google Photos app will include tools inspired by the company’s proprietary Photoscan technology which will help fix photos of documents and paperwork by zooming in, cropping and rectifying them. It seems to be work in a fashion similar to that of popular third-party photo scanning app CamScanner.

google photos color pop

Another interesting new editing feature in the latest Google Photos app is called ‘Color Pop’. It works by helping to identify the subject in the picture from the foreground, and functions by converting the latter into black and white scale. Google also announced a new ‘Colorize’ tool for helping users turn the decade-old black and white photos into colorized images. With this tool in place, all you need to do is to scan your old family photos and simply apply Colorize on them to give them a new leaf of life. This new feature apparently makes use of a complicated neural network system to pick colors that would work best in the to-be-edited photo.

Alongside announcing these new features, Google CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled a new developer preview version of the Google Photos Library API, which would basically allow third-party developers to take advantage of storage and AI capabilities of the new app.

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