Xiaomi backed subsidiary, Roidmi, plans to launch a new household electronic product in the US market. It’s a new wireless vacuum cleaner called the Roidmi F8. The startup is set to launch an Indiegogo campaign for the product, where interested early backers can pre-order one for a reasonable price of $289.

Roidmi’s parent firm Xiaomi is yet to enter the highly competitive US market with its smartphone offerings, rather it plans to use its subsidiaries first to improve its branding in the country. Previously, Xiaomi had launched a Roidmi 3S Bluetooth car charger in the country for just $39, which allows users to wireless stream music in their car whilst charging. Besides, the Roidmi sells various other products including air purifiers, mattress cleaner, phone mounts and more.

Xiaomi’s latest Roidmi F8 vacuum cleaner isn’t a unique product by any means, but it plans to set itself apart from the competition courtesy it’s competitive pricing strategy. At $289, it offers pretty good value and comes with features most other wireless cleaners in its price point misses out on. The vacuum cleaner has a four-layer filtration system, that comes coupled with a multi-level cyclone duct system capable of generating up to 18.5KPa of air pressure. The suction power of the machine is backed by a 115 Watt motor rotating at 100,000rpm.

The Roidmi F8 wireless vacuum cleaner comes with up to 55 mins of battery life, all thanks to the presence of a 74WH rated battery. The polycarbonate body of the vacuum makes it pretty light at just 1.5kg. The product, in fact, received Reddot Award 2018 for its built and design. Furthermore, the F8 has a decently low 75dB operational noise. The cleaner also comes with an LED that helps illuminate the floor and thereby resulting in more efficient vacuuming.

Xiaomi Roidmi F8 was initially launched in China earlier this year, on its Mijia crowdfunding platform. The device, in fact, succeeded in raising an approximate $2.8 million from its 12,200 Chinese backers. It’s expected to receive a similar response once it’s put up on Indiegogo sometime later this month.

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