All eyes are on the recently launched OnePlus 6. The flagship killer has once again stuck to its core offerings and seems like a formidable upgrade. Meanwhile, the folks at the iFixit have been kind enough to tear apart a shiny new OnePlus 6 and find out how easy (or difficult) is it to repair the same. The teardown also provides a fair idea of the robustness of the device.

oneplus 6 teardown points at a seemingly difficult screen replacement and pretty good water resistance - oneplus 6 teardown e1527150384555

Most of the devices with glass backs are usually considered hard to repair. The chances are that the glass back might crack if more pressure is applied. However, on the OnePlus 6, things take a different turn. According to iFixit, the glass cover on the OnePlus 6 is relatively easy to fix. Once you are done with the glass cover it will lead to the battery bay.

This is where the things are kept at its simplistic best. Replacing the battery on the OnePlus 6 is a breeze and doesn’t require you to fiddle with any of the major components. OnePlus 6 is said to be water resistant but the device doesn’t actually come with any IP certification. The teardown shows that OnePlus has indeed added some elements (eg. rubber gaskets and black silicone seals) around the SIM tray, motherboard, speaker grille, USB port, headphone jack etc. that will eventually help with the water resistance. On a related note, the OnePlus is advertised to survive an accidental splash but perhaps nothing more than that.

Now comes the ugly part, replacing the AMOLED display on the OnePlus 6 is not an easy task. Due to the adhesives that are used to glue the display to its place along with the glass back, the display scores a repairability of 5/10. If you are buying a OnePlus 6 make sure that you also buy a tempered glass cover and if feasible, also a rubberized case. It would also make sense to buy a damage protection insurance for your OnePlus 6.

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