It is not uncommon for developers, designers, and others to use a secondary monitor for their work. With such an arrangement in place, it becomes relatively easy for users to increase their productivity. However, this comes with a glaring downside. As a user, you cannot carry an external monitor along with your laptop, and Duo is the latest Kickstarter project that aims to solve this.duo is a slap-on fhd secondary display accessory for your laptop - duo dual monitor e1530728141894

The Duo is a snap-on; all you need to do is place a magnetic adhesive on your laptop lid and place the display. Now simply plug in the Duo to your laptop via the USB cable, and you are good to go. You can attach the Duo to the back of any laptop without worrying about compatibility.

The Duo slides out and mirrors your laptop’s display. Both the power and the content is streamed via a USB cable. The best part is that Duo can be rotated at 270 degrees, and thanks to this, you can choose the optimum viewing angle. The duo can be pulled out from both sides of the laptop screen. The display offers a maximum of 1080p resolution and is 12.5-inch in size.

duo is a slap-on fhd secondary display accessory for your laptop - duo display 2

The first thing that strikes my mind is the bulk that Duo would add to a laptop. At 1.5 pounds, it is not exactly feather lite, but hey, it is way better than desktop monitors that don’t fit into your backpack. Users will also have to forego the design or the aesthetics of your laptop, that is, if there are any. The makers of Duo claim that the external casing is designed to bear the brunt of daily wear and tear.

Moving on, the next obvious concern anyone would have is the battery life. Will the Duo drain your laptop battery faster? Well, the answer is yes; powering an additional display will definitely require more power. However, the Duo video driver has an energy star and is designed to operate efficiently. Moreover, you can use the secondary display on demand and thus save on precious battery power. The pledge starts at $189 and you can back it via the Kickstarter campaign.

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