Fed up with the shortcomings smartwatches suffer from, a whole range of companies have lately turned to hybrid watches in an effort to offer the best of both worlds. With the new Watch W7, LG is joining the club as well. The LG Watch W7 features mechanical hands on top of a standard Wear OS smartwatch for times when the battery run out of juice to power its smart capabilities.

lg's new $450 hybrid wear os watch packs the worst of both worlds - lg watch w7

Unlike other hybrid watches, however, the LG Watch W7 doesn’t necessarily integrate both forms. LG instead has just decided to overlay the 1.2-inch circular touchscreen with two mechanical hands. So, yes, there will be instances when they will get in the way. LG has a little workaround for that, though. You can hold the top right button present on the side to slide the on-screen content up higher and make the hands go flat.

While LG did manage to figure a way out that hurdle, there are a host of other features it missed to include in spite of the exuberant $450 price tag. For starters, the LG Watch W7 is big. But don’t let that fool you in thinking it packs all the essential hardware. It doesn’t. The watch doesn’t have NFC, GPS, LTE, heart-rate sensor, a non-sapphire glass, and runs on a two-year-old chipset. It’s rather odd that LG didn’t go for Qualcomm’s new processor for smartwatches.

So what are you getting for $450? Apart from the traditional timepiece aesthetic, I’d say not much. The LG Watch W7 can last two days in the smartwatch mode or a hundred in watch-only mode. Hundred may sound like a huge number here but compared to other hybrid watches that can continue functioning with both modes enabled for six months, LG clearly falls shorts.

The LG Watch W7 will go on sale for $450 at Best Buy starting from October 14th, preorders for which begin on October 7th.

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