Ola has had an adventurous past year as it continues to expand its services beyond the Indian borders. In the midst of all that, however, the cab-hailing platform isn’t overlooking its position in India with a series of new features and options. Today, the company is adding another to its digital payments service — Ola Money — that will allow you to pay for your rides later as monthly bills.

you will soon be able to pay for your ola rides as monthly bills - ola cabs hack e1433749894798

The postpaid service, which Ola says will roll out to everyone in the coming months, will essentially let passengers to avoid paying as soon as their trip is ended and pay for all the bills together at the end of the monthly cycle — just like they would in the case of their phone charges. Called Ola Money Postpaid, the feature is primarily designed to bring more users onboard with Ola’s digital payments service. It’s worth noting, though, that Ola Money Postpaid has been available for a while but previously, it was restricted to a seven-day cycle. In addition to rides, Ola Money Postpaid is expected to be soon made available to third-parties so that users will also have the ability to add other bills such as food orders in the same bill.

Speaking on the launch, Nitin Gupta, who is CEO of Ola Financial Services, said, “Ola is dedicated to supporting the Government’s vision of a cashless economy and we are committed to being a major force in India’s rapidly growing digital payments market. We will continue to invest in innovative solutions that promote the digital economy across India while extending the benefits of this first of its kind Postpaid offering to more Indians.

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