Best Wallpaper Apps to Customize your iPhone

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Unlike Android devices which can be customized inside-out, iOS, on the other hand, restricts a lot of these abilities on its devices. And therefore, the only option that its users are left with is changing the wallpaper. A crisp and high-resolution wallpaper makes your device stand-out from the rest. You can, of course, look for wallpapers online, but an app takes away all the hassle and organizes the wallpapers into various categories.

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With hundreds of wallpaper apps available on the AppStore, it is not easy to find the best ones from the lot. So, to make things easier, we have curated a list of some of the best wallpaper apps on iOS.


Vellum is definitely one of the best wallpaper apps for iPhone. It packs in a collection of wallpapers from artists across the world, curated into various categories. It has a ‘Daily Wallpaper’ section, that suggests a new wallpaper every day.

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The app provides an option to adjust the blur-gradient of the wallpaper and also allows users to get an idea of how the wallpaper would look on the home screen and the lock screen, without having to leave the app.

Availability – Free, Paid (Rs 159)
Download Vellum


Clarity is an amazing and aesthetically designed wallpaper app for iPhones. It has a neat black background that makes the wallpapers stand out while being easy on the eyes. The wallpapers can be found in the Explore section and are curated into different categories. In addition to that, the app also provides the option to search for any wallpaper on the app.

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There is a Featured section in the app that contains some of the best collection of wallpapers you can ever imagine and a magazine which contains some of the best hand-picked images that are curated twice every week. Similar to the Vellum app, Clarity also comes with the option to view the wallpaper on the home screen and lock screen without having to apply the wallpaper and leave the app.

Unlike most wallpapers out there, Clarity comes with an edit function on the app that allows you to edit any of your pictures on the phone using some of the pre-defined edit options like Text, Blur, Gradient, Frame, and Mask.

Availability – Free, Paid (Rs 249)
Download Clarity


A lot of you might be aware of the Unsplash website which has a huge collection of free stock images on the internet. The website is undoubtedly one of the best places to find some of the best images on the internet. But with such a huge collection of images to choose from, it is difficult to find the right fit for your liking. To address this, Unsplash has an app that contains all the wallpapers in a well-organized manner. The app has a clear design and an easy to use UI with a huge collection of images sorted into various categories.

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There’s a search bar in the app that makes it easy to search for any wallpaper on the app. However, it lacks the ability to preview the wallpaper in the home screen and lock screen.

Availability – Free
Download Unsplash


Another client for the Unsplash website is Background which delivers the best backgrounds present on the site to its app. The app takes a straight-forward UI approach, with the only option to scroll vertically through the images. And when you hop on to the one you like, all that you need to do is hold down on the image and it gets downloaded to your phone’s gallery.

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By taking a simpler approach this wallpaper app aims to focus on providing the best collection of wallpapers without implementing any unnecessarily complicated functions on the app.

Availability – Free, Paid (Rs 299)
Download Background


If you are a space enthusiast and are fascinated by the geography, you will find right at home with the WLPPR app. It has a beautifully organized collection of wallpapers that are categorized into different categories. You can scroll through these categories horizontally and select it to view images related to it. In addition to that, you also get some specific details about the image in some instances.

WLPPR e1549353549540

Another neat feature that this iPhone wallpaper app provides is the bookmark, which can be used to save the wallpapers you like the most so that you can come back and review them later.

Availability – Free, Paid (Rs 79, Rs 299)
Download WLPPR

That’s it for this roundup of the best iPhone wallpaper apps. Which one is your favorite? Is there any iPhone wallpaper app you like that we have missed out? Let us know in the comment section below.

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