Asus has today announced a permanent price cut in for four of its smartphones, namely, the ZenFone Max Pro M1, Zenfone Max Pro M2, Zenfone Max M2 and Zenfone 5Z. The changes in price, with the new price coming into effect, can be seen starting March 2 and can be availed on Flipkart.

asus announces a permanent price cut for its zenfone range of smartphones - asus

Following are the revised prices, in comparison to old prices-

Zenfone Max Pro M1

3GB + 32GB = Rs 8,499 (Rs 9,999)
4GB + 64GB = Rs 10,499 (Rs 11,999)
6GB + 64GB = Rs 12,499 (Rs 13,999)

Zenfone Max Pro M2

3GB + 32GB = Rs 9,999 (Rs 12,999)
4GB + 64GB = Rs 11,999 (Rs 14,999)
6GB + 64GB = Rs 13,999 (Rs 16,999)

Zenfone Max M2

3GB + 32GB = Rs 8,499 (Rs 9,999)
4GB + 64GB = Rs 10,499 (Rs 11,999)

Zenfone 5Z

6GB + 64GB = Rs 24,999 (Rs 29,999)
6GB + 128GB = Rs 27,999 (Rs 32,999)
8GB + 256GB = Rs 31,999 (Rs 36,999)

Here’s what Dinesh Sharma, Head – Mobile Business had to say about the announcement

“We deeply value your trust in ASUS to deliver the best technology at great value. To ensure we deliver the best value on ASUS ZenFones and enable our fans to enjoy the best smartphone experience at the given price points, we are making permanent price reductions to some of our best in class, most popular smartphones. Though these price reductions are significant, we have decided to absorb these price reductions to ensure we continue to be the best choice for our fans.”

Taking into consideration the all-new phones from Xiaomi that launched yesterday, the Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro, which offer some really top of the line specifications along with an even better camera at a pretty competitive price, it would be interesting to see how other manufacturers react to it, and whether this could lead to more price cuts from other manufacturers as well.

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