In a special event held today at the Steve Jobs theater in California, Apple has expanded its News service, Apple News, to accommodate magazines too along with news on the iPhone and iPad and they’re calling the service Apple News+. Apple also spoke about how it focuses on the quality of news provided on its service rather than just catchy headlines. The News app also delivers only relevant news according to one’s interest and highlights important top stories so that they receive the maximum attention. Apple now wants to bring this kind of tailor-made customization to your magazine interests using Apple News+.

apple news+ adds magazine subscriptions to your iphone and ipad for $9.99 per month - nwes2 e1553535916837

The Apple News+ subscription will include top magazines from across the World from various genres including entertainment, fashion, news, politics, health, lifestyle, food, travel etc. The magazines will be segregated as per the top read, trending, recommended as per your liking and so on. The magazine covers have a life-like effect, similar to a live wallpaper giving an insight into what the magazine contents are.

apple news+ adds magazine subscriptions to your iphone and ipad for $9.99 per month - news1 e1553535940930

Not just magazines, but the Apple News+ subscription will also include some online journal subscriptions from portals like TheSkimm and TechCrunch, and will also include popular daily newspapers like The Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal.

A key highlight of Apple’s services has always been privacy and that is the case here too. Apple claims that they will not share one’s Apple News+ data with advertisers, which means one will not see personalized ads across the internet related to what one read on Apple News+.

The Apple News+ service has been launched at a price of $9.99 per month with the subscription for the first month being provided for free and can be availed on an iPhone and iPad. There is also the ability to share one’s subscription with their family members at no extra charge. The service will be available in the USA and Canada starting today with Australia and Europe expected to receive it later this year.

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