Opera has just released a new version for its desktop browser, Opera 60, which is codenamed ‘Reborn 3’. With the new version of the browser, the company is introducing a few interesting features like a Crypto wallet, support for Web 3, and Dark Theme.

opera 60 (reborn 3) browser introduces crypto wallet, web 3 support, and dark theme - opera

In terms of design, the Reborn 3 gets rid of lines between different sections to avoid distractions and now offers two themes: light and dark. The dark theme helps protect eyes in dark times and helps to save battery. Opera has also redesigned the tabs to make it easier for users to get hold of multiple open tabs at once. It has moved features like ‘easy setup’ and ‘snapshot’ to the access bar to provide convenience to the users. Following this change, the ‘snapshot’ feature can now be found next to other Web browsing functionalities such as ‘Send to My Flow’ and bookmarks.

Opera claims that they are the first ones among other major computer browsers to include a native crypto Wallet and Web 3 explorer in a browser. The features allow users to make transactions and interact with the blockchain-based internet, Web 3, respectively. Basically, all the decentralized content, be it cryptocurrencies, distributed systems, blockchains, or even decentralized apps, can be accessed with the added Web 3 explorer. With the new release, Opera has also improved its ad-blocking feature and built-in VPN service and is now offering unlimited data for free.

As of now, the Crypto Wallet feature is only available on the desktop browser, however, Opera says that it will be added to their mobile apps, soon. As for signing payments on mobile platforms, users would require some sort of biometric authentication, as a preventive step, before they can successfully make a payment. Additionally, cross-platform wallet syncing will be available, which would sync the crypto wallet across your phone and desktop, for which the company says, it is going to store the keys locally on the device iteself.

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