Xiaomi has today announced the launch of Mi Express Kiosks in India. The Mi Express Kiosks are essentially vending machines that can be used by consumers to buy Xiaomi smartphones and accessories without having to visit a retail store or a Xiaomi outlet. To make it even more convenient and hassle-free for users, the vending machines will use different payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and cash to accept payments for the purchase.

xiaomi introduces mi express kiosks in india - xiaomi mi express kiosk

Coming up with such a step now makes more sense than ever before. As, with the growing popularity of the brand and its loyal customers, it is not an easy task to serve such a huge demand for smartphones. With an Express Kiosk, however, it would become much simpler for customers to buy smartphones and accessories, without requiring any sort of active assistance of staff, which in a way, also helps the company reduce on the operational cost of setting up stores and other related expenses.

With the introducing of Mi Express Kiosks, Xiaomi India becomes the first brand in the Indian tech industry to come up with an innovative e-commerce business model that is both cost-effective and scalable. In addition, despite just being a profitable e-commerce model for the company, the Express Kiosk also manages to serve the growing Xiaomi customers in the country by providing them with a much easier and hassle-free way to buy products offline.

The company is looking forward to setting up several Kiosks in the coming months across the country. It says that the Mi Express Kiosks can be found across metro cities in public areas with greater footfall such as tech parks, metro stations, airports, and shopping malls. Currently, the Mi Express Kiosk is available in Manyata Tech Park and Xiaomi’s office in Embassy Tech Village (ETV) in Bengaluru. So if you happen to live around, you can visit the Express Kiosk and try the experience for yourself.

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