The entire world is currently combatting the COVID-19 outbreak, and the situation can worsen if people don’t stay indoors and self-quarantine. India, for instance, has been subjected to a 21-day quarantine, and staying at home for that long can get tricky. If boredom is getting the better of you and you miss hanging out with your friends, fret not; here are five games you can play online with a bunch of friends and stay connected during this situation. While playing, you can use services like Discord in order to speak to your friends as the game progresses, which adds to the fun. So, let’s tell you our top 5 favorite online multiplayer games!

top 5 online multiplayer games to play with friends in 2023 - online multiplayer games

Top 5 Online Multiplayer Games to Play

Now, of course, PUBG is huge in India, and while it may be a lot of fun, there’s a learning curve to it. Not everyone prefers fast-paced action games, so all the games we’re going to talk about are games that most people are familiar with and do not require any dedicated learning.

1. Skribbl

top 5 online multiplayer games to play with friends in 2023 - skribbl

Skribbl is our all-time favorite online game which is an adaptation of the common board game ‘Pictionary.’ You can either play Skribbl with a bunch of random people online or create your own lobby and send the link to your friends and ask them to join. You can then play against each other to see who has the best drawing and identification skills! All you have to do is pick a word from the options given to you and try to represent the word in the form of a drawing. Your friends will have to guess the word by looking at the drawing before the time counts down. Each player takes a turn to draw, and you can set the number of rounds as per your preference.

This game is really fun, as you can add as many friends as you like, and you also get to laugh at your friends’ drawing skills! You can even add custom words to make it all the more challenging. Honestly, there is no better online Pictionary game to play with friends.

Try it out, and we are sure you are going to be hooked! It works best on a laptop/PC because it’s a website, not an app. Check it out here.

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2. Ludo King

top 5 online multiplayer games to play with friends in 2023 - ludo king

Ludo is a game that every single one of us has played in our childhood, so it needs no introduction. It’s essentially the same as the traditional board game, but on your smartphone and against players all over the world or against your friends. Ludo King works online as well as offline, which means you can create a local LAN network, and up to 6 people can join in if they’re on the same network. What’s better is that you can link the game to Facebook and challenge your friends there to a game while you keep chatting with them.

Ludo King is available across most platforms, be it Android, iOS, or PC, so you don’t necessarily have to be on your computer to play the game, which makes it all the more convenient. Check it out here.

3. QuizUp

top 5 online multiplayer games to play with friends in 2023 - quizup

As the name suggests, this is a Quiz-based game where you can challenge your friends to some trivia and general knowledge. This game was immensely popular at a point in time, and it’s the best time now to revive it and test your friends’ knowledge about your favorite topics. QuizUp has thousands of topics ranging from GK to sports to tech to Harry Potter. You name it, and there is most certainly a quiz based on that topic. You can play one on one against your friend or against a random opponent online, and as and when you keep winning, your level increases and the difficulty level also increases.

Just like Ludo King, QuizUp can also be linked to your Facebook and Google accounts, so it’s easier to challenge your friends and move up the leaderboard. QuizUp is available only as an app on Android and iOS, so you will not be able to play the game through your computer. Check it out here.

4. Internet Scrabble Club

top 5 online multiplayer games to play with friends in 2023 - scrabble

ISC or Internet Scrabble Club is an online scrabble game that you can play against a random opponent online or against your friends. Scrabble, again, is a game most of us are familiar with from our childhood days, and this website takes it online so that you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home. You will need to create a username for yourself, after which you can add your friends and challenge them at the word-building game. Just like conventional scrabble, you have special squares where you will be awarded more points.

This game is also very addictive, and if you have a strong vocabulary, you can give your friends a hard time! ISC is only available on the website and not as an app, so it is best when played on a laptop/PC. Check it out here.

There’s another game called Words with Friends which can be a nice alternative if you wish to play on your phone against your Facebook friends.

5. UnoFreak

top 5 online multiplayer games to play with friends in 2023 - uno freak

Uno is one of the most popular card games out there and is also one of the most fun games to play with your friends. UnoFreak lets you enjoy the game by either joining an existing lobby of players or by creating your own lobby and inviting your friends to join in. You will have to create an account and sign in if you wish to create your own lobby. Once you start it, give your friends the Room ID and password, and up to 4 of you can enjoy the game together. There is also a chat box where you can keep talking to each other.

The game will need some getting used to as you need to use keyboard commands to perform functions, but they are simple, and you will get familiar just after a few rounds. This, too, is based on a website and is enjoyed best on a laptop/PC and not on a smartphone. Check it out here.

These were some of our favorite online multiplayer games that we enjoyed playing with friends and family, and we are sure you will enjoy them too. These are indeed tough times, but you can make the most of it by enjoying your time with your loved ones, and these games are a great way to stay engaged with them.

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