Browser extensions have been around for some time now for PCs/MACs and are quite popular among users. The reason extensions are so popular is because they help perform tasks much more efficiently and effectively.

Apple’s default browser, Safari, has a massive collection of extensions on Mac like ad blockers, language checkers, and many more. Now, the tech giant has tried to bring that functionality to iPhones and iPads with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 respectively.

best ios 15 extension

Best iOS 15 Safari Extensions

Below is a list of some of the best Safari extensions for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 that you can use on your iPhone or iPad to do everything from blocking ads, managing passwords better, and translating webpages to preventing pop-ups and controlling media more efficiently.

And in case you are wondering how to download and use Safari extensions on mobile, we have an in-depth guide for that as well.

1. 1Blocker

1blocker safari extension

1Blocker is a handy ad-blocker extension. As the name suggests, it is aimed at blocking ads when you are surfing the web. Not just the ads, it also blocks annoying pop-ups and prevents tracking, helping you browse more safely. Unlike other apps, the app also claims to be extremely lightweight and does not drain the battery in the background. Further, the extension works with both iPhones and iPads and has an average of 4.3 stars on the App Store.

Download 1Blocker

2. Clario

clario safari extension

The following extension app on the list is Clario. This modern design app has a few tricks up its sleeves. Apart from executing common tasks like ad- and- pop-up blocking, it also has an inbuilt VPN service. The in-build VPN makes sure you are protected when you are connected to public WiFi in your favorite cafe, sipping a cup of coffee while reading the latest news articles on your iPhone/iPad.

Clario also claims the app provides strong WiFi protection, thereby preventing your privacy when you are browsing the internet using safari.

Download Clario

3. 1Password- Password Manager

1password safari extension

1Password is a very popular and valuable extension for Safari. By adding the extension to Safari, one can easily manage all their passwords for logging into multiple websites. Additionally, it has an inbuilt password generator, which automatically generates complicated passwords, thus saving you time.

Security is not an issue either; 1Password encrypts all your saved password to prevent any data leak, thereby keeping you safe at all times. That said, users get a 30-day free trial, after which they need to pay $3.99/month to continue using the service.

Download 1Password

4. Mate Translate

mate translate safari extension

Are you looking for an extension that quickly translates the content on a web page in your native/preferred language? Look no ahead. Mate Translate does just that. After adding the extension to Safari, select your preferred language, and you are done.

The next time you visit a web page in some other language, just tap on Mate translate, and it will translate that website intelligently in your preferred language. The best by far is that the extensions claim not to track, collect, or share information you translate with anyone, thereby maintaining privacy to some extent.

Download Mate Translate

5. Honey

honey safari extension

Shopping would be so much fun if you could shop and save money at the same time? Honey is aimed at doing just that. In fact, it is one of the popular extensions for Macs and has now made its way to iPhones and iPads.

Basically, the extension searches tons of websites for coupon codes and applies them to the product you plan to buy. It works with over 40,000 stores online, and you do not need to change your buying process. Honey does all the functions in the background without disturbing your buying process.

Download Honey

6. Grammarly for Safari

grammarly safari extension

Grammarly is by far one of the best language checkers available online, owing to its ease of use and corrections. Now that it is available for Safari for iPhone and iPad is just icing on the cake. Predominantly, Grammarly scans text for all the grammatical errors and highlights them for you to rectify. So if you write documents/mails using Safari, the extension can help a lot with errors and suggestions to level up your writing.

Having said that, Grammarly premium is not supported yet, so you will need to use the Grammarly keyboard for premium suggestions. Still, the non-premium version is very good and will do the job for most users.

Download Grammarly

7. Hush Nag Blocker

hush safari extension

If you are looking for something to browse the web more securely free of cookie tracking, you must check Hush once. The extension blocks all cookies and its tracking when you are using Safari. Moreover, Hush claims that extension follows all safari norms and does not keep track of what you browse on the internet and assurances your history is safe. The extension is free to download and use from the App store and is extremely lightweight and easy to use.

Download Hash Nag Blocker

8. Quiet

quiet safari extension

Do constant notification pop-ups, ads annoy you when you are peacefully browsing/working using Safari? Quiet like other blockers, blocks all ads and spammy pop up to help you focus better. But you might ask yourself, what is unique about it?

Apart from everything we mentioned earlier, Quiet also blocks notification pop-ups and chat bubbles to help you focus entirely on what you are doing. The app/extension can be had for $8.99 from the App Store, and it is a one-time purchase as the app does not come with any additional in-app purchases.

Download Quiet

9. Web Inspector

web inspector safari extension

We all have used/seen inspect elements once on our PC/Mac, and Web inspector brings that functionality to our iPhones and iPads at the touch of our fingertips. Once downloaded and enabled for safari, one can quickly inspect a webpage and quickly control various aspects. After inspecting the webpage, you can edit its elements, enter JavaScripts, and few others. In addition, the extension is completely free to install and use.

Download Web Inspector

10. Vidimote

vidiomate safari extension

Vidimote is an enjoyable and excellent extension to use in Safari on iOS 15. Basically, the extension adds a toolbar to Safari, which is equipped with media controls. This comes extremely handy when consuming videos on Safari and want to forward or rewind the video. Apart from controlling playback, you can customize the speed, turn PIP mode on or off, and many more. Users can install the extension on their devices running iOS 15 for $4.99.

Download Vidimote

Get More Out of Your iPhone With Safari Extensions

So these were some of the best Safari extensions you should definitely try on your iPhone/iPad to uplift your experience with Safari. That said, many developers are already working on bringing new extensions to iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 so we will update the post as soon as new useful extensions are out.

FAQs About iOS Safari Extensions

No, you cannot use Chrome extensions with Safari as of now. We are hopeful many popular Chrome extensions will eventually make their way to iOS in the future. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla have agreed on a common standard for browser extensions. Once that happens Chrome extensions will work on Safari too.

Disabling extensions is as simple as uninstalling the app from the App store. But if you do not want to uninstall the app, you can just disable it from settings. Open setting and scroll down to the Safari tab. Here, click on extensions and toggle off the extension that you don't want to use.

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