Android offers one of the most customizable experiences on any smartphone. It gives you the freedom to customize everything from the launcher to widgets—and everything else in between—using simple apps.

best android icon packs

App icons happen to be one of the most common elements you can customize on your Android smartphone: one that significantly elevates the appearance of your device’s home screen.

By default, every manufacturer has a different icon style (size, color, shape) to suit their skin; if you’re a Pixel user, you get the simplest of icons. However, if you don’t like the look of the icons on your Android device, we’ve curated a list of the best Android icon packs you can use in 2021 to customize your Android experience.

1. Outline Icons

outline icons android icon pack

Outline Icons are a collection of app icons that feature only outlines. Although not entirely minimal, this icon style looks very clean and distinct, especially on dark themes or wallpapers. In part, this also has to do with the bright color scheme that gives the icons a distinct look and makes them stand out.

With Outline Icons, you get a collection of over 7900 icon sets, which should have you covered with most apps you install on your device. However, in the event when there’s an app whose icon doesn’t match the theme style, it provides icon masking that blends the icon style for a seamless appearance. Plus, the icons are sufficiently large and bright, which means you can use them on Android tablets as well.

What’s more, there are a bunch of high-resolution wallpapers bundled with the icon pack that you can set as your home screen or lock screen wallpaper to enhance its visual appeal.

2. Minma

minma android icon pack

Minma is one of the popular Android icon packs among users. It features simple round icons with dark wallpapers and stroked-style flat icons in neon-like color at the center. So if you’re someone who likes clean icons with minimal designs, Minma will definitely appeal to you.

Talking about icon inventory, Minma has more than 1150 icons, with new ones being added from time to time. In addition, there’s also support for app masking to handle unthemed app icons on your Android device and prevent them from ruining the look of the home screen.

Minima also includes around 180 alternative icons for some of the popular apps, which you can choose to use if you don’t like the default ones. App icons can be managed easily via the dashboard, and you have the option to make icon requests via the built-in tool as well.

3. LineX Icon Pack

linex android icon pack

LineX Icon Pack is a minimalistic icon pack with a linear theme and neon-style color palette. The app icons look sharp and have a visually-distinct appeal to them, which looks excellent with abstract wallpapers.

With LineX, you get access to over 5000 app icons (including alternative icons), and the developer adds new apps icons with pretty much every update. Much like other icon packs for Android, it also features a masking system that seamlessly blends the style of unthemed icons with your home screen appearance.

In addition to app icons, LineX offers a bunch of wallpapers as well, some of which complement the icon styles really well and offer an overall coherent visual appearance. Support for custom launchers is also pretty extensive, but you may want to stick to Nova for the best experience. It also offers features like the material dashboard, custom app drawer icons, custom folder icons, and more.

4. Crayon Icon Pack

crayon android icon pack

Crayon Icon Pack is another icon pack with a distinct style. It features a cartoonish theme for app icons and uses beautiful pastel colors, which adds an element of fun to your home screen that isn’t found in other icon packs and also enhances the app drawer look. Additionally, this colorful icon pack includes a bunch of high-quality wallpapers that go along with the crayon-style app icons.

There are over 5300 icons on Crayon Icon Pack. In addition, you also get lots of alternative icons to choose from, along with an icon masking system that matches unthemed icons to your home screen style. Furthermore, app icons can be resized to your preference, and you can also request new icons right inside the app. Moreover, you can also apply for a refund if you don’t like the icon pack within 24 hours of your purchase.

As for compatibility, the Crayon Icon Pack supports various Android launchers. However, the developer recommends using Nova Launcher — with specific settings — for a more seamless experience.

5. Charcoal

charcoal android icon pack

Charcoal is a premium flatcon icon pack for Android. As the name suggests, it’s a family of icon packs based on flat design: ones that were popular back in the day but are now making a come back due to their unique visual appearance.

With Charcoal, you get around 1900 beautiful icons, which is a subset of what you get with other Android icon packs. Similarly, the launcher support is also limited. But both of these compromises are worth it if you need flat and minimal app icons for your home screen.

Besides, if you like the look and feel of these app icons but want icons in other colors to match with a particular home screen theme, you can check out other flatcon icon packs such as Blackout, Leaf, Clear Sky, etc.

6. Whicons

whicons android icon pack

Whicons is a minimal icon pack collection that constitutes clean and simple white-colored app icons. If you’re a fan of white icons, you’ll certainly like this icon pack. The icons are bold and bright, which improves their legibility and helps you identify them with ease.

As for the icon collection, Whicons offers around 7333 custom icons that cover a pretty wide spectrum of Android apps you’ll use on your device. Additionally, it also has a pretty decent wallpaper collection, where you can find some really good wallpapers that complement well with its white app icons. Easily, the best white icon pack for Android.

7. Icon Pack Studio (IPS)

ips android icon pack

Icon Pack Studio or IPS is more than your average Android icon pack: it’s an icon pack builder that lets you build your own custom icons. It’s an ideal tool for those who want a certain style of icons for their device but can’t find one anywhere close to it on the existing icon packs out there.

With IPS, you get two options: create an icon pack from scratch or download the ones created by other people in the community. So depending on what you’re comfortable with—ånd need—you can follow a route accordingly. As far as customization is concerned, the advanced editor gives you the option to resize icons, change icon shapes, and apply filters and special effects to them.

Moreover, with its latest update, Icon Pack Studio even lets you import and tweak other icon packs installed on your Android device. So now, if you’re mostly content with the style of an icon pack but don’t like a particular aspect about it, you can modify it with IPS.

Icon Pack Studio supports all popular launchers. However, for the best experience, you must use it with the Smart Launcher.

Honorable Mentions

1. Moonshine

Moonshine is a collection of 920+ icons that use Google’s Material Design. These icons have unique shapes and use a vibrant color scheme. If you prefer a flat design scheme throughout your home screen, this icon pack offers the best icons you can rock on your Android device.

2. Lines 

The Lines icon pack is one of the most minimal icon packs for Android. It offers clean and simple app icons that feature online outlines, much like the Outline Icons pack. Plus, you also get a decent collection of backgrounds, which you can set as your home screen wallpaper to show off the transparent icons.

3. Pixel icon pack

Pixel icon pack takes inspiration from Google’s stock Android icons on its Pixel devices. These stock icons are flat and round and feature a linear design. You get over 10000 icons to choose from, which means that there’s an icon for pretty much any app you install on your device.

4. Almug

Almug is one of the distinct icon packs for Android with dark icons. It offers vivid app icons with dark inner glyphs that glow at the borders, which makes them quite appealing to the eye. In addition, there are over 5000+ HD icons included and close to 1000 QHD wallpapers to complement the app icon style. Plus, you get hundreds of alternate icons along with the masking functionality for unthemed icons.

Customizing the Appearance of App Icons to Fit Your Style

Customizing the appearance of different system elements is one of Android’s most significant advantages, and it all starts with modifying the home screen to tailor it to suit your needs. As such, the apps listed above should help you change the way app icons appear on your smartphone’s home screen with ease and give it a fresh look.

While there are several other icon packs for Android that you can download from the Google Play Store, we feel the ones in this listicle work pretty well and cater to a wide spectrum of preferences.

FAQs About Android Icon Packs

While there are lots of options for Android launchers, we feel Nova Launcher is the best icon pack launcher simply because it works with pretty much all icon packs and offers better control and more freedom to customize the look of your Android. All of which, when combined, make for an overall better user experience.

Android icon packs can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, just like regular apps. Alternatively, you can use third-party app stores like Amazon, Samsung, and others. You can even sideload icon packs with APKs just like you'd do with the apps.

The best icon packs are influenced by the simplicity and minimalism of iOS, while still following Google's Material Design guidelines. Launcher iOS 15 is arguably the best iOS icon pack for Android but then it's also a launcher. In case you are looking for something which is purely an iPhone icon pack, then check out iOS 11 Style icon pack.

While there are several hundred launchers that support icon packs on Android, there is none better than the good old Nova Launcher. It's simple, yet feature-rich and guess what? Most of the icon pack developers recommend users to use Nova Launcher as the icon pack launcher.

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