KRAFTON has officially released PUBG New State for Android and iOS platforms. After the immense popularity of PUBG Mobile amongst mobile gamers, PUBG New State was a much-awaited game by the same audience as it brings in better graphics and PC-like game mechanism on the mobile platform.

However, Android users were seen complaining that PUBG New State was crashing on their phones and redirecting users to a web page. Here’s a simple guide on fixing PUBG New State crashing and solving App Not Opening problems on your phone.

how to fix pubg new state crash

PUBG New State Crashing and Not Opening on Android

Android users trying to open the PUBG New State game on their phone have complained that PUBG New State was not opening on their android smartphone. In addition, the game crashes when users try to open the app and are redirected to a web page in a browser.

The web page lists that the game force closes itself if the system detects any third-party application running in the background to prevent cheating. It also states that the game will crash if users try to launch PUBG New State on an Android emulator.

However, the primary reason for PUBG New State crashing for Android users is Developer Options. KRAFTON says that PUBG New State will not open on Android smartphones if Developer Options are enabled.

How to Fix PUBG New State Crash on Android

To fix PUBG New State Crash and App Not Opening problems on Android, you need to disable Developer Options on your Android smartphone.

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.
  2. Search for Developer Options in the search menu of your Settings app.
  3. Tap on Developer Options.
  4. Disable the Developer Options toggle by tapping on it once.

Note: The steps to navigate to Developer Options will vary from device to device as many Android skins have different ways to reach Developer Options. Using the Search Bar is the most efficient way to reach Developer Options.

This should fix the crashing problem of PUBG New State. However, if the issue still persists, then follow the steps given below.

PUBG New State Crashing Even After Disabling Developer Options

If your game still keeps crashing after disabling the Developer Options, then users should try the following methods.

1. Reboot your Android device after disabling Developer Options

Given the variety of Android skins available in the market, some devices may require a reboot for the change in Developer Options to take place system-wide. A simple reboot after disabling Developer Options will help the applications installed on your device detect that about the change in settings.

2. Clear Cache of PUBG New State App

Sometimes, the game saves logs of activities conducted while opening it. Unfortunately, this can cause the game to keep crashing even after disabling Developer Options.

To Clear Cache of PUBG New State:

1. Navigate to App Info of PUBG New State by long pressing on the icon.

2. Search for the Clear Storage option, under which you can find the Clear Cache option.

3. Clear the cache by tapping on the option. And now try to launch the game.|

Note: The option to Clear Cache varies visually depending on your Android device. If you accidentally clear the entire storage of the game, it is completely fine. Make sure to clear at least one from cache or storage to ensure the proper functioning of the game.

3. Reinstall PUBG New State Game from the Google Play Store

If your game still keeps crashing after doing all the mentioned steps, then the best fix will be to do a fresh installation from the Google Play Store. This can happen due to corruption caused during the first download or due to network-related problems. In such a case, uninstall the game from your device and reinstall PUBG New State from the Google Play Store.

Note: KRAFTON clearly mentions that it does not allow installation of PUBG New State from 3rd party sources. If the game detects that it was not installed from the Google Play Store, PUBG New State will keep force closing itself, resulting in a crash.

4. Check for Minimum System Requirements

PUBG New State has a minimum system requirement of 2GB RAM and Android 6.0 and above. If your device does not satisfy this condition, the game will not run on your phone even if you are able to install it.

This was a quick guide on How to Fix PUBG New State Crash on Android. Did you try the new game? Do let us know about your gaming experience of PUBG New State below!

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