Reddit apps are abundant in the Apple App Store, but the ones listed below are among the best we have used. They stand out from the rest and provide a more enjoyable experience when using Reddit on your iPhone.

best reddit apps for iphone
Best Reddit apps for iOS

If you use Reddit regularly, you should try these apps and want a smoother and more organized experience. These apps have numerous features and are designed to provide a more immersive experience compared to the official Reddit app on your iOS devices.

Let us dive in!

How to Choose the Best Reddit Client?

When deciding which is the best Reddit app for iPhone and iPad, there are a few things you should take into consideration. First, consider what you want to use the app for. If you just want to browse Reddit, you may not need all the features that a more general news app would offer. Second, take a look at the app’s design and user interface. Some apps are designed to be more user-friendly than others. Finally, you should consider the price of the app. Some apps are free, while others require a subscription.

In our experience, a good Reddit app must provide a clean, intrusion-free experience. The feed must be chronologically ordered, and all sections such as notifications and messages should be easily accessible. The website UI must be user-friendly while providing a smooth experience. All the apps presented below meet the above criteria; the most important thing is that they are free (or have a free version).

Best Reddit Apps for iOS

Reddit clients are third-party Reddit apps that aim to provide a better experience than the official Reddit app. Most people prefer a Reddit client because it allows for a more organized experience, especially in terms of a chronologically ordered feed.

Here is our list of best iPhone Reddit apps:

  1. Apollo – the best iPhone Reddit app
  2. Narwhal – Easy-to-use Reddit app for iPhone
  3. Slide – Blazing-fast Reddit experience
  4. Readder – Great for subreddit tracking
  5. Comet – Minimalistic Reddit app
  6. Reddit – the official app

Let’s check them one by one.

Apollo: Best iPhone Reddit App

apollo for reddit
Apollo for Reddit

Apollo is a clean and beautiful Reddit app that is fast and feature-rich, making it perfect for your iPhone. You can easily and quickly navigate through your subreddits using the Jump Bar, browse all your media with the Media Viewer, choose between different themes that can change automatically depending on the time of day, and use many other features.

Apollo’s tabbed interface makes navigation very easy, while the customizable gestures always make for a great user experience. There’s also a Safari View controller that lets you browse through articles and links with ease. Best of all, it comes with a dark mode.

Download Apollo

 Narwhal: Easy-to-Use Reddit Client

narwhal for reddit
Narwhal for Reddit

Narwhal is one of the best Reddit apps for iPhone and is a very fast and easy-to-use Reddit client that packs a lot of information into a single page. The app relies heavily on gestures, as the developers designed it with iOS gestures in mind.

You can browse Reddit very quickly using all the gestures. Just swipe to vote instantly and comment on any post. You also get the ability to hide and save links to your Reddit account via Narwhal. The design is similar to the previous browser-based Reddit and gives an aesthetic feel.

Narwhal is free, but you can unlock additional features like icons and other extras through an in-app purchase. However, the core features are completely free.

Download Narwhal

 Slide for Reddit: Blazing-fast Reddit Experience

slide for reddit
Slide for Reddit

Slide has a unique user interface that is quite different from your average Reddit app. It looks polished and beautiful. When you launch the app, you are prompted to choose one of four beautiful themes and a display view to customize your experience. The app features a unique card-style UI, which allows you to seamlessly view full previews of images and videos as you scroll through your feed.

You can perfectly fine-tune the interface to suit your needs, making everything easily accessible. There’s also a Read-It-Later feature that lets you put all your reading materials in one place so you can access them whenever you want.

There’s also a Pro subscription for $5 that unlocks some unique features like multi-column mode, more base themes, automatic night mode, username scrubbing (anonymous account names), and more, making it one of the best Reddit apps for iPhone.

Download Slide

 Readder for Reddit: Good for Tracking Sub-Reddits

readder for reddit
Readder for Reddit

Readder is a lightning-fast app. It loads the home page very quickly, so you can switch between all your subreddits within seconds of opening the app. The article preview feature is very helpful as it lets you check if the article is worth reading.

The app also has several useful features like multiple Reddit accounts, passcode protection, night mode, etc. However, you have to pay for most of these features.

Readder is only free if you only want to browse random feeds; you also need a premium subscription to add your own account. That’s the only thing that might put most people off, including us.

Download Readder

 Comet for Reddit: Minimastic Reddit App

comet for reddit
Comet for Reddit

Comet may not be as popular as the other Reddit apps mentioned above, but it offers some notable features that will make your experience more convenient and fun. It offers an easy way to manage your subreddits and all your accounts. It also allows you to filter out the content you want to see in your feed.

The interface is pretty minimalistic and similar to the other Reddit apps out there, but it certainly helps organize and view all of your media without leaving the app.

You can customize your app experience using the 30+ built-in settings that Comet offers. This allows you to fine-tune your Reddit experience easily. You can also choose between the five themes available in the app to change the mood a bit.

Download Comet

 Reddit: The Official App

reddit app for ios
Reddit app for iPhone

Last but not least, we have the original Reddit app for iOS. It has a 4.8/5 rating in the App Store for a reason; it has the same UI as the browser version of Reddit and allows you to play media without leaving the app.

The feed could have been better organized, but that’s what the other clients mentioned above are for. The app also lacks customization options, which adds to its feel. But the original app is the way to go for most people unfamiliar with Reddit clients.

It’s completely free and does not offer subscriptions unless you want to buy some avatars for your profile. Just like the web version, we know.

Download Reddit

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The Best Apps for Reddit for Your iPhone and iPad

Now that we know the best Reddit apps you can use on your iPhone and iPad, you should have a reasonably clear idea of which one to choose for yourself. Our personal favorite is Apollo because it has a clean and organized UI that makes the experience much better than the official app.

Ultimately, you should choose the app that best fits your Reddit browsing needs because a personalized experience is a key to a better experience.

We hope this article makes your decision a little easier. Let us know in the comments if you have found any other great Reddit clients in the App Store!

FAQs about the Best iPhone Reddit Apps

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While you can certainly access Reddit in a browser, there are some definite advantages to using a dedicated app. For one thing, it's much easier to keep up with your favorite subreddits when they're all in one place. In addition, Reddit apps offer some features that you just can't get when browsing the site in a browser, like image previews and the ability to stay logged in.

There are many good iPhone Reddit apps, but our favorite is Apollo because it has a clean and organized UI that makes the experience much better than the official Reddit app. It's a freemium app that can be installed for free but unlocks extra features with the paid version.

- Tap the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

- Type in a keyword or phrase to search for.

- Tap the Search button.

- Tap the Filter button in the top-left corner of the screen.

- Tap the Sort by button.

- Tap the time period you want to search in.

- Tap the Search button.

While the app is not required to use Reddit, it does offer some advantages over the website. For example, the app can be customized to show only the subreddits that you are interested in. Additionally, the app can be set to notifications for when new content is posted to your subscribed subreddits. Reddit feels it can be overwhelming to have all the features on the mobile browser and hence promotes app usage.

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