Since OpenAI announced ChatGPT, it has exploded in popularity. Suddenly, people started talking about how to use ChatGPT in daily life to write summaries, write articles, translate, classify texts, explain concepts, write code, generate ideas, etc.

best chatgpt chrome extensions

With this popularity, developers around the world started to extend the functionality of ChatGPT to meet more needs. One of the most popular ways is through Google Chrome extensions. With ChatGPT Chrome extensions, you can automate repetitive tasks, streamline your workflow, and improve your productivity.

Here are 15 extremely useful Chrome extensions that will increase your ChatGPT usage and undoubtedly make you more productive.

Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

While there are hundreds of ChatGPT extensions that have cropped up in recent times, we have curated the list of the 15 best ones you must consider.

  1. WebChatGPT: Add Web Support to ChatGPT.
  2. ChatGPT for Google: Display ChatGPT Prompts along with Google Search Results.
  3. ChatGPT Writer: Generate ChatGPT email responses.
  4. Merlin: Powerful ChatGPT Extension to use across the Web.
  5. TweetGPT: Best for creating content on Twitter.
  6. Youtube Video Summary: Summarize Youtube videos
  7. Voice control of ChatGPT: Add voice input for ChatGPT Prompts, Similar to Google voice input.
  8. Summarize:  The Best extension for summarizing Articles, Blog posts, and more.
  9. Cruxe: Summarize the text in the desired number of words.
  10. Meta Descriptions: For SEOs to generate Meta Descriptions
  11. AIPRM: Powerful SEO Research Extension.
  12. ShareGPT: Share the ChatGPT conversations with others.
  13. Fancy GPT: Add customizations and Share ChatGPT Prompts
  14. ChatSonic: Powerful ChatGPT functions across the web with the best UI
  15. Engage AI: Generate AI comments on Social Media sites

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image showing webchatgpt

ChatGPT is currently the most powerful AI model that can answer your questions within seconds. However, ChatGPT’s knowledge is very limited as it only has access to data prior to 2021. This limits ChatGPT in answering questions beyond 2021, and without internet access, it may even fall behind.

This is where WebChatGPT comes in, a Google extension that provides ChatGPT with a constant stream of fresh data from the Internet.

WebChatGPT scours the Internet for the latest and most relevant information and feeds on a given topic, and then feeds them into ChatGPT’s database. ChatGPT uses the information provided by search engines and answers your query. This helps ChatGPT answer questions about the latest topics with accurate and updated data. With the help of this extension, the bot can now respond to your requests with relevant web results.

Download WebChatGPT

ChatGPT for Google

image showing chatgpt extension page

Well, the debate about the future of search between ChatGPT and Google is still ongoing. But let us put that aside for a moment and enjoy the lethal combination. A Chrome extension called ChatGPT for Google combines both Google SERP and ChatGPT prompts and displays the results side by side.

This is a great edition if you want to see the latest search results from Google, along with the simple and easy prompt from ChatGPT.

After adding the extension to Google Chrome, which we will share with you how to add when you type a query into the Google search bar, a chatGPT prompt will appear right next to the SERP results, replacing the knowledge field, as I mentioned earlier.

Adding ChatGPT for Google is very simple. Download the extension (link below) and install it. After installation:

Open and search for any query. On the results page, you will see a response from ChatGPT along with Google search results. You can customize the response by clicking the settings icon at the top. You can set three different trigger modes, for example, when ChatGPT is queried on every search, when your query ends with a question mark, or when you manually click a button.

You can also stop generating responses and enter a new query by clicking the Let’s Chat button. And also, clicking on the chat icon at the top will take you directly to the ChatGPT home page. To view all the prompts, you need to log in to your ChatGPT account.

Download ChatGPT for Google

Alternatively, you can use the ChatGPT for Search Engines extension to add ChatGPT to not just Google but other search engines like Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.

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ChatGPT Writer

image showing chatgpt email integration

One of the best use cases of ChatGPT is the ease of creating email replies. With the ChatGPT Writer Chrome extension, you can easily create professional email responses directly for Gmail or other email services.

The extension uses data from the previous email, simply the context of your current email, and generates a response. It also has Gmail integration for a better user experience. You can also use this extension to generate replies for the messages. You can simply specify the context of your conversation and briefly enter your reply. The extension will then automatically generate a reply to the email.

Make sure that the context of your conversation is clear and simple. When I tested this extension on my computer, it gave me an error message most of the time and sometimes generated a completely crazy response. Just check the email or message before you click the send button if you are in a professional conversation.

To use the ChatGPT Writer extension, add the ChatGPT Writer extension to Google Chrome. Click the extension icon in the upper right corner, and a pop-up window will appear. Briefly type what you want to write about and click the “Generate Response” button. You can use it on any website and email service.

To use it on Gmail, go to Gmail, open an email, and reply to it. Click the ChatGPT Writer extension button in the Gmail reply box. Enter what you want to reply to and click the Generate button. The email reply will now be generated.

Download ChatGPT Writer


image showing merlin chatgpt extension

Merlin is another popular Google Chrome extension if you want to access ChatGPT browser-wide instead of sticking to a single window. Merlin lets you summarize news articles, reply to emails, create YouTube scripts, and more. You can perform up to 31 free Merlin actions per day.

It is very powerful, and the use cases of this extension are endless. The powerful features of Open AI combined with easy access to any website make it one of the best Chrome extensions in this list. Some of the use cases include creating summaries for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter posts, writing complex Excel formulas, writing emails, converting long documents into shorter versions, and more.

Merlin is available as a cloud-based service and has a mobile app that lets you access it anytime. Besides, Merlin also lets you manage your social media accounts, automate tasks, and much more.

Using Merlin in Google Chrome is very simple. Add the Merlin extension to Chrome. After adding, you can click on the extension, use CMD + M on Mac or CTRL + M on Windows and sign in with your Google or Apple account. After logging in, you can type a search query in the search box, and Merlin will generate an AI answer.

Download Merlin

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image showing tweet gpt extension

TweetGPT is a Chrome extension that replies to tweets with ChatGPT. This is a handy extension if you want to reply to someone on Twitter without leaving the page.

Twitter GPT lets you generate or reply to Twitter tweets directly from the browser without leaving the current page. It uses OpenGPT API to generate tweets. You can choose the writing style as short and funny, cool, valuable/insightful, and generate a tweet reply.

To use TweetGPT, add the TweetGPT extension to Google Chrome. Once installed, open the Twitter app. You will see a new robot icon in the tweet popup. When you tap on it, you can select a variety of posts or replies, such as funny, snarky, optimistic, excited, smart, and more. You can click on it, and the extension will automatically generate a reply.

Depending on the type of tweet, TweetGPT can sometimes generate controversial or even offensive replies to tweets. Do not tweet what you disagree with; just regenerate the tweet instead.

Download TweetGPT

YouTube video summary

image showing youtube transcribe feature

YouTube summary Chrome extension quickly creates text transcripts and summaries for any YouTube video. This means that you can easily understand what is happening in the video and quickly save transcripts and summaries in your notes.

The YouTube Summary extension is very useful if you are a student. When you watch a video on the YouTube desktop, quick transcripts and a summary box appear right next to the YouTube video.

It works for most YouTube videos. So, how to use this extension? Add YouTube Summary with ChatGPT to Google Chrome. Once installed, you will find a new Transcript & Summary tab right next to the video (if you do not see it, pin the extension). You can tap on it to view the full transcript of the Youtube video, including the timelines. To summarize the video, you can click the ChatGPT icon at the top, and you will be redirected to the ChatGPT home screen.

Now copy the text into the search bar (the transcript will be automatically copied to the clipboard. You can paste the text by typing CTRL +V on your keyboard). Once the text is copied, press Enter or click the search icon with more commands. ChatGPT will scan the text and create a short summary for you.

Download YouTube Video Summary

Voice control for ChatGPT

image showing voice control for chatgpt chrome extension

If you miss the voice input in ChatGPT, you can quickly have voice conversations with ChatGPT using the Voice Control for ChatGPT extension for Chrome. If you are tired of writing long text input, you can simply add this Google Chrome extension and use your voice to ask your question to ChatGPT.

To use Voice Control for ChatGPT, add the extension to Google Chrome. After you install the extension, click the record button next to the chat box. Once you start speaking, ChatGPT will automatically transcribe your words and type them into the search box. You can review the text and click the enter button to create a reply. This is very similar to Google voice search.

The accuracy of voice conversations depends on the quality of the microphone on your device and the clarity of your voice.

Download Voice Control for ChatGPT


image showing summarize chrome extension

Summerize is another popular Google Chrome extension that allows you to summarize the content on the page quickly. This is especially useful when you are reading news, blogs, or research reports.

With this quick summary extension and the power of ChatGPT, you can save time and not have to read everything.

To create a summary, add it to the Google Chrome extension. After adding it, open the web page you want to summarize. Now click on the summary icon in the upper right corner. The extension will create a quick summary of the web page.

Download Summarize


image showing cruxe chrome extension

Cruxe is another Chrome extension if you are looking for a powerful AI text summarizer. With AI text summarizer extension you can summarize articles, blog posts and more.

Moreover, you can use the extension to summarize your text in the number of words you want. You can also use this extension to summarize a specific section of the page on selection, and it works on all blog websites, including Wikipedia.

To use Cruxe, you can add it to Google Chrome extensions. After adding it, open any web page or blog article you want to summarize and click on the extension’s icon. (You can pin it for easy access).

The extension will create a summary of the text. You can customize it and add a word limit.

Download Cruxe

Meta Descriptions

image showing gpt-3 meta descriptions

If you are an SEO expert and want to use the power of ChatGPT to improve your performance, GPT 3 Meta Description extension is perfect for you.

With the GPT-3 Meta Description extension, you can create SEO titles and descriptions with ease. It generates compelling meta descriptions and titles that are both accurate and memorable.

To generate titles and meta descriptions, add the Meta Descriptions extension to your Google Chrome. After adding it, open the Page Settings, click the new Generate Title or Generate Description button, and add your keywords.

Download Meta Descriptions


image showing aiprm google chrome extension

AIPRM (Artificial Intelligence-Powered Research Assistant) is another great ChatGPT-based Chrome extension if you are an SEO expert who wants to perform simple keyword research and boost your website rankings.

With AIPRM, users can generate more accurate and relevant answers. To use the extension, add AIPRM to Google Chrome. After adding it, you will be automatically redirected to the ChatGPT home page. In a pop-up window, you will have to accept the terms and conditions. Now AIPRM ChatGPT will be installed, and you will see a list of templates related to SEO on the home screen. These include Keyword Strategy, Out rank articles, generating blog posts, YouTube scripts generator and more.

To use it, click on any prompt, enter the text, and click Generate. ChatGPT will respond to your request depending on the type of template you selected. For example: If you selected a blog template, ChatGPT will suggest a title, keywords, and content. If you use a keyword research template, ChatGPT will list the entire keyword table.

Overall, AIPRM is an excellent tool if you are an SEO expert. With the power of ChatGPT, combined with the features of the AIPRM extension, you can quickly create high-quality research in simple steps.

Download AIPRM

ChatGPT Prompt Genius

image showing chatgpt prompt genius

With the ChatGPT Prompt Genius extension, you can easily manage ChatGPT prompts. Moreover, the extension also saves your ChatGPT conversations history in your browser.

You can also use the extension prompt template feature to find and add prompts to your collection easily. You can also add different themes like SMS, Cozy Fireplace, and Hacker theme. One of the best features I like about this extension is that you can save and share your chats as markdowns/html/pdf/png directly on ChatGPT.

To use ChatGPT Prompt Genius, add the extension to Google Chrome. After adding the ChatGPT open page, you will see an updated ChatGPT home page with new options and settings. In the sidebar, you can adjust various settings and manage and share all your ChatGPT extensions in one place.

Download ChatGPT Prompt Genius 


image showing sharegpt chrome extension

ChatGPT is very powerful and endless when it comes to asking questions and getting instant answers, but it is very limited when it comes to sharing ChatGPT conversations with others.

With ShareGPT, you can easily share ChatGPT conversations with your friends. It works just like any other sharing option you have found on the most popular websites. After you add the ShareGPT Chrome extension to Chrome, a new share button will appear to the left of the general reply option. After the prompt, you can simply click the icon to share your ChatGPT with your friends.

Download ShareGPT

Fancy GPT

image showing fancy gpt chrome extension

Fancy GPT is similar to ShareGPT, but as the name suggests, it is fancy and lets you share ChatGPT conversations in a fancy way. This ChatGPT Chrome extension lets you share conversations via links and as images, PDFs, and text files. Once you add the Fancy GPT extension to Google Chrome, open ChatGPT and create a new conversation.

To share the conversation, click on the Chrome extension and tap on the text “Make your ChatGPT Fancy.” After clicking, you will be redirected to the Fancy GPT website, where you can customize your ChatGPT conversations. You can customize them by adding different colors and sharing them on three different platforms, including text, image, and PDF.

Download FancyGPT


image showing chatsoni chatgpt extension

ChatSonic is another powerful Chrome extension that can be used for anything. You can create texts for social media and emails, create paraphrases, display chatGPT prompts along with Google SERP results, summarize tweets, reply to tweets, create emails, and much more.

This extension comes from the creators of Writersonic, a popular AI content-writing tool. You can create up to 100 prompts per month for free. Later, you will have to upgrade to the premium version for up to $19 per month.

You can use this free Chrome extension on any website, just like Merlin. Just add Chat Sonic to Google Chrome Extension to your list. After adding, create or sign in with the Writer Sonic account. Since ChatSonic Chrome Extension works over the web, you can manage the settings by choosing when you want to trigger it to respond.

Download ChatSonic

Engage AI ChatGPT

image showing engage ai chatgpt extension

Engage AI ChatGPT is one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions designed specifically for posting comments on social media sites. If you are a social media manager, this extension can save you a lot of time by automatically generating comments on posts. I personally used it for posting comments on LinkedIn, and it was great.

To use Engage AI ChatGPT, add it to your list of Google Chrome extensions. After adding it, open any social media site such as Linkedin. In the comments section, you will see a new icon in the comments that you can tap to generate an automatic reply. After you create the reply, you can make the necessary changes and post it.

Download Engage AI ChatGPT

Skyrocket Your Productivity with ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

So, that’s the list of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions. These extensions can be a great way to extend the functionality of ChatGPT. In this post, we have presented various ChatGPT Google Chrome extensions for different cases and user needs. We hope you find this list helpful. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to suggest them below in the comments. For more helpful guides, you can click on the links below. And finally, do not forget to comment on what you like from the list.

FAQs on Best ChatGPT Google Chrome Extensions

loader image

Currently, ChatGPT doesn't offer voice functionality. You can use Voice control for the ChatGPT Chrome extension to add voice chat on ChatGPT. After adding the extension you can visit the ChatGPT website and click on the mic option to add voice chat.

There are dozens of other AI chat bots, each with its own unique characteristics. Here are the 5 best ChatGPT alternatives:

  • Neuroflash: If you are looking for a powerful text generator for German-language content.

  • Jasper Chat: Jasper is currently one of the most popular text generators. You can easily generate AI content.
  • Chatsonic: Chatsonic is a new feature of Writesonic AI text generator and is the best alternative to ChatGPT for English language texts.
  • YouChat: is the first known search engine to integrate a chat assistant into its search results
  • Perplexity AI: Perplexity is a search engine based on OpenAI API, but unlike ChatGPT, it includes not only training data in its answers, but also content from the Internet.

SendGPT allows users to send ChatGPT conversations via WhatsApp. You can send your chat conversations to your friends and family through WhatsApp using SendGPT. You can engage in witty banter with a celebrity, deep discussions with a historical figure, or humorous conversations with a chatbot.

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