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UPDATE: RS for RSS Contest – Win FREE Rapidshare Premium Accounts

UPDATE 2: No more Sharing of Rapidshare accounts, as it is now against the Rapidshare policy.

I will try to share some free rapidshare premium accounts as and when some of you share them with me.

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Note: Each day, at 00:00 AM (Rapidshare Server Time) you can use these accounts again (even if the status today is “Out of Traffic”)

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UPDATE: RS for RSS Contest – Win FREE Rapidshare Premium Accounts

Free Rapidshare Premium Accounts for 26th March 2009

Updated: 5.50am GMT

Looks like this might just be the end of public sharing of rapidshare premium accounts. As per the new policy, any account being used by more than 3 IPs at once will have its password changed automatically and sent to the owner. Here is the mail I got from rapidshare –


Kindly note, because these days despite the interdiction the amount of shared
accounts was rising, we had to take action. If the last number in your IP
change, this will not cause the problem. The first three numbers must be same.

– – -> simultaneous downloads possible

Anyway, I will still try to update, but not sure till when I will be able to do this.

Latest accounts sent by eMail to all those who subscribed to the newsletter. Last eMail sent on 26th March 2009 (5.50am GMT)

You can check the accounts by copy – pasting them in small groups in the given below website interface in the format as


For example: The account –

Login: 3174883
Password: 4Q577xpK

should be entered as


Following are the websites-

Rapidshare Account Validation

Conso3 RS checker


Feel free to share your accounts with other readers here! Sharing is caring 😉

UPDATE: RS for RSS Contest – Win FREE Rapidshare Premium Accounts

208 thoughts on “Free Rapidshare

  1. Thanxxxxx bro so kind of u…
    But it says u have exceeded ur limit its 2.66gbs per day.
    Nd the second once password is wrong

  2. please can u give me a rapidshare account premium so that only i can share it with you because i need to download many files urgently as there is a virus on my PC please help me

    Regards Rakesh 🙂

    1. @Rakesh,
      I just updated the page with a working account just 2 mins back, you can make use of it. If you are expecting me to share an account with you alone, sorry, i won’t be able to do that

  3. dear sir can you give me rapidshare premium just for 2 hours only to download the file i very wanted.

    thank you sir and more power.

    kindly send it to my email

    1. @manish,
      that is a very loose comment. Many people get to use the accounts when it has sufficient amount of bandwidth left, most of them dont comment and some of them do comment. The key is getting hold of the accounts before someone else leech them out.

  4. Really awesome for you to do this for everything, but quite the shame for the jerks who change the passwords or screw it up, I went through every single one on the list and couldn’t download a text file if I wanted, they are all overlimit.

  5. Thanks Raju….CET(Central European Time) is 4hrs and 30mins less than our Indian Standard time. ie. 0000hrs CET is 0430hrs Indian Time….Cheers!

    1. I don’t understand what you think I am doing here? why should I send the accounts only to YOU? All readers are equal and readers like you only share these accounts with me 😐

  6. all the aholes who change the password as soon as you get them , STOP doing that. i was happy to find some working accounts in here but if everyone keeps changing the passwords then what will the others like us do??

    1. @Harshal,
      This is what happens when many people start leeching out accounts at once. The account is valid and you can try again tomorrow, else come back and check this page when I update with new accounts, will send the email to all those who have subscribed for newsletter

  7. Why do ppl change passwords? Don’t you realized you got the acc because other ppl respected the rules?

    I wish I could know how to create acc and make them all secure!


  8. Damn i wish i could get one every single one says the limit is up! ahh and iam checking back daily, i noticed the new posts was this morning at 4am and they are all gone already…damm

  9. Hey, I want to thank you very much for your efforts, this is an incredible resource, although some people are so selfish to change the password of the accounts. I haven’t been able to use one properly because they get dry quickly, but it’s fair enough.

    Keep up the awesome work, man.

  10. Hello
    thanks a lot but still i cant download anything from this accounts, everytime i get this message”You have exceeded the download limit.

    Your account is credited with 2.66 Gigabytes per day. 2.66 Gigabytes are equal to 2.660.000.000 Bytes.”

    do you can help me? was is wrong?


    1. @Anonymous,
      I dont feel good responding to anonymous. Anyway, to answer your question, it is not everytime you get the error. Fact is, hundreds of people are reading this and leeching out the bandwidth. As soon as the limit is reset or I post the accounts, people leech out the accounts. Hence it is necessary to be on your toes and make sure you get hold of the accounts as soon as i post them or exactly at 12am RST everyday.

  11. HI,

    How to people change the password despite the security lock provided?

    The accounts that you have published are active today and by next day the password changes. How?

    Anyway, very nice work you are doing.

    Thanks for it

    1. Sorry Zeeshan, I can’t. I have told umpteen number of times that I do NOT have any control over any of these accounts. I just get these from other readers like you.

  12. “make sure you get hold of the accounts as soon as i post them or exactly at 12am RST everyday ”

    How to know what is your time at your country. What is your country name?i dont know what is your local time..

  13. i was jst 20 minutes late and believe me all the accounts have no traffic share left. Sir, Can u Tell Me What Is The Indian Standard Time when Rapidshare Server starts a new Day And When u update ur site according to Indian Standard Time Please i hope u Will Reply!!

  14. This is disgusting. When the accounts were leeched out, I updated with new accounts again, all the 3 are working, but now no one replies saying thanks, after sometime when accounts get leeched out people will start cribbing. I will stop updating if this continues

  15. well i guess its always out of traffic for me, since im asleep when its updated =D

    Anway, many thanks to the poster for posting such opportunity

  16. I just discovered your great page today.
    Did tried most of the accounts but with no success.
    Most reported that the were reached todays download limit.
    Looking at the posts above I understand that I may try tomorrow and maybe lucky.
    Is this procedure valid as long as a specific account is valid?
    Meaning if an account stops at June, I may try every day till June and possibly have success?
    Or I should not bother at all and wait for new accounts to be published?
    (thanks in advance)

  17. hiii, im just found out your website just now, and although the RS account have already reach the limit for today, anyway thank’s for sharing the account ^^

    try another account if you can ^^ good luck & thank’s a lot

  18. Ok say it was say its 3:00 PM here in USA kentucky what time would it be in europe? like i need to know so i know the time to start downloading here from their 1:00AM correct?

  19. dude!!!! i biin looking 4 a premium account the whole day and thanks 2 all u now i can download my file……thanks to all u guys

  20. really thank dude… at first i thought you too will be fake, but for the fist time i have got free working rapid share premium account after 2 long years i have got one thanks a lot dude. keep it going.

  21. Thank you so much for this. During Eurovision season, we have to download so much music at the same time and all the links are to files uploaded to RapidShare. Thanks to you and your wonderful site, this has helped me so much! Please keep up the good work.

  22. You’re welcome – it’s not fair for people to want an account to themselves when people are sharing their own accounts. So, please, keep up the good work.

  23. well…always…

    You have exceeded the download limit

    Your account is credited with 2.66 Gigabytes per day. 2.66 Gigabytes are equal to 2.660.000.000 Bytes

    but anyway thank u very much for sharing…luph u…mmmmmmwach…

  24. after watching and trying some codes from time to time (must have tried ~30 times the last 7 days), I managed today to connect as premium and enjoyed some awesome speed!

    Thanks for your service!

    1. I am evaluating the use of newsletter to deliver the accounts directly through email. I might revert back to the earlier method or might even stop updating Free RS

  25. @raju
    It’s mean you will send RS accounts to my email.Please don’t stop updating,we need you.
    My email is [email protected],I subscribed to the Newsletter,but I’ve not received your email yet.Please keep working..

    1. @Hoandt,
      if you have not received the email, it means you haven’t confirmed the subscription. Check again and confirm to start receiving it

  26. thanx for these ..can u revert back to newsletter as i have success that way .. actually there was sum traffic left .. with these displayed on here .. they always exceed very quickly

  27. Thank u man, this really works 😀 if u need anything from sljivovitza, gibanitza, slaninitza…contact me 😀

  28. man, more than half of those have its passwords changed already (by other users, I guess). Those that aren’t have already exceeded the daily limit. I guess I’ll just try again tomorrow. Thanks anyway!

  29. I’m pretty excited about this, I’ve never been able to download many files from RS and I’ve finally found a way that seems to work for anyone.

    I signed up with my mail and confirmed it, but I’m still a bit lost about how does this work, what’s the next step for me to do to be able to use one of these public accounts people are sharing?

    Thank you very much anyway, you’re doing something great here.

    1. @getfresh,
      unfortunately, the new RS policy is not letting me to share the accounts. Very few people are getting hold of the accounts and if RS detects more than 3 IPs using an account, they automatically reset the password

  30. can you pleaaaaseee send me account i need it very important and i’ve been looking for something like this for a long time please help me

  31. I’m the newest member of this site & now i read about RS new Policy.Raju bro pls help us..

    u can also try megaupload account.But RS is the best…

    1. @Girish,
      Please read the post completely. Due to recent changes to Rapidshare policies, I have been unable to share RS accounts. But I will be holding some contests frequently, so you can give it a try next time around to win an account for yourself

  32. Hey Mr. Raju, i really appreciate what yu are doing and am very greatful but it seems yu havent sent an updated newsletter since the 29th of March and i have just joined the newsletter so i am hoping yu still are sending emails to subscribers of the feed. If not then kindly send me one to my email i am not changing the password i just desperately need it.
    P.S. my job involves downloading files from the internet.
    Thank You Very Much

  33. @Abraham

    It’s a shame that they changed their policy.
    Not only did they just extremely limit their services among people, but they also are restricting people’s rights to do as they wish with their accounts.

    I didn’t actually get a chance to ever use any of the accounts you’d made available, because I just came across this site today, but it looks like you made quite an impact among the people of this community.

    So on behalf of the community, I say thanks for your generosity and selflessness for the services you provided for the time being, hopefully rapidshare will revise their policy at some point.


  34. dear bro
    thank you at first for helping many people to get downloded their required contents from Rapidshare. you are really doing a great job.i wish your great success.

    i’ll be ever grateful if its possible to give me one premium account ID and password. thank you again.


    Sohel Rana

  35. Bro pls. give me a rapidshare premium account.I,m finding it from atleast 2years but havent got one….u r my last hope.please give me 1 rapidshare premium account

  36. Can you please send me a premium rapidshare. What i’m trying to do is to get access to a free linkedin premium account to access and search some contacts please. ..

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