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UPDATE: RS for RSS Contest – Win FREE Rapidshare Premium Accounts

UPDATE 2: No more Sharing of Rapidshare accounts, as it is now against the Rapidshare policy.

I will try to share some free rapidshare premium accounts as and when some of you share them with me.

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UPDATE: RS for RSS Contest – Win FREE Rapidshare Premium Accounts

Free Rapidshare Premium Accounts for 26th March 2009

Updated: 5.50am GMT

Looks like this might just be the end of public sharing of rapidshare premium accounts. As per the new policy, any account being used by more than 3 IPs at once will have its password changed automatically and sent to the owner. Here is the mail I got from rapidshare –


Kindly note, because these days despite the interdiction the amount of shared
accounts was rising, we had to take action. If the last number in your IP
change, this will not cause the problem. The first three numbers must be same.

– – -> simultaneous downloads possible

Anyway, I will still try to update, but not sure till when I will be able to do this.

Latest accounts sent by eMail to all those who subscribed to the newsletter. Last eMail sent on 26th March 2009 (5.50am GMT)

You can check the accounts by copy – pasting them in small groups in the given below website interface in the format as


For example: The account –

Login: 3174883
Password: 4Q577xpK

should be entered as


Following are the websites-

Rapidshare Account Validation

Conso3 RS checker


Feel free to share your accounts with other readers here! Sharing is caring 😉

UPDATE: RS for RSS Contest – Win FREE Rapidshare Premium Accounts