Wow! We are already onto the second week of TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway and the response has been enormous, with each day, hundreds of comments/entries being made and so many free licenses being given away. Today we have a very useful utility to review and giveaway – Lockngo 4.0 from Keynesis, an ultimate portable media protection software.

Lockngo enables you to protect the information stored on USB drives, removable hard drives, SmartMedia cards etc. It is fast, smart and very easy to use. Today, we have 100 Free licenses of Lockngo Standard edition to be given away. Unlike the previous giveaways we had, this will be on ‘First come first serve’ basis. So, be amongst the first 100 commenters requesting for the free license and take away a free license of Lockngo Standard edition, each license is worth $19.95! We also have 15 Free licenses of Lockngo Professional edition which will given to random winners. More details after the brief overview of the product.

Keynesis Lockngo 4.0 – A brief review

Lockngo is regarded as the perfect USB drive security solution. You don’t even need to install it to use it. Just download Lockngo, copy it to your USB drive and run it directly from there to Lock/Unlock. It is that easy!


Lockngo encrypts the drive’s file systems and hides its content. It is perfect for USB flash drives and portable hard drives. When locked, Lockngo does not allow to write new files and does not show the locked data. Lockngo can secure any disk size in a matter of seconds.

As mentioned before, Lockngo is not installed on your PC, but directly copied onto the removable media – once you run it, it allows you to set a password for the media and then encrypts and locks the content, so that it can only be accessed with the proper password. When you insert the protected media, all you can see is the lockngo executable, once you run it and enter the proper password, it will reveal the content. Lockngo uses a unique patent pending cutting edge technology to guarantee the security of your information.

The size of Lockngo is just 536kb and is always rated high by the experts. In this fast moving world, where we carry all the important data in those small flash drives, it is very important to secure it and be sure that it is never misused even if you forget it somewhere or lose it or someone steals it. Be it a business user or a marketing/sales guy or a lawyer or even a home user, each one of us will find a reason to have a software like Lockngo in our kitty.

Supported media types

USB flash drive, usb pen drive, portable hard drive, removable disks, usb 1.0 and 2.0 flash drives, usb flash memory drive, usb flash drive driver, flash memory drive, portable external hard drive, flash disk drive, portable usb drive, usb portable hard drive, usb flash pen drive, portable hard disk, flash drive pen, portable drive, portable flash drive, disk hard removable, removable disk drive, drive portable storage, disk drive hard portable, portable usb flash drive, disk drive portable, USB drives, PCMCIA drives and more.

They have Standard and Professional versions available. Check out the difference in these 2 versions here. If you are a home or small business user, Standard edition would be more than enough with 128-bit AES encryption. Professional edition is useful for corporate users who need 256-bit AES encryption.

Lockngo Free licenses giveaway – Rules

We have 100 licenses of Lockngo Standard edition up for grabs for the first 100 people who leave their comments in the comment form of this post AND fill up this form as well.

We also have 15 licenses of Lockngo Professional edition (each costing $39). In order to be eligible for this, you have to fill up the above form AND blog about the TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway with a link back to https://techpp.com/giveaway

Martin from Ghacks is giving away 10 licenses of FileMinimizer Office. Make sure you enter that contest as well.

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