The world couldn’t get forward without tech gadgets and software. And, students are no exception. While software helps big businesses and firms, they do embrace students too! Students always need at least a handful of them to

(i) get the jobs done easily,
(ii) to get clarified with stuff,
(iii) to have fun and
(iv) for the “real” studying itself.


Here is a collection of ten highly useful software which one must add to his / her “software acquiring” list. Note that we have tried to include as much free software as possible, considering the target audience is students, but some of them might be shareware or might come with an extensive trial. Credits to KillerTechTips for bringing into light many of these lesser-known gems.

1. Connectify – This is the easiest application to use on Android that helps to turn a 3G or 4G enabled 10 really useful software for students - connectify2phone or Tablet into a Wi-Fi hotspot which is secured with password protection.

2. Wunderlist – This app is the coolest freely downloadable app for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows & Mac; that helps in task management such as adding tasks, adding notes and reminders, changing the settings, etc.

3. Google Notebook – It is a free online application from Google that one can make use of storage and organizing all the information that has been collected online. It helps one to make any type of web search even while it is only an extension of Firefox and not an entire program. It is similar to storing your notebook in a Google account.

4. Education Pack – This is a must-have no charge app from Microsoft that helps students and teachers alike with all the study material to type, draw and add graphics while learning.


5. Pen Drive Reminder (the page is in Spanish, use Google translator) – As the name suggests, this app helps a person remember to remove the pen drive from the system. One can make use of options such as silent mode, alarm mode, or countdown mode. This is ideal for all those that use a pen drive at maybe a friend’s place or a browsing center and usually forget to take it back.

6. Microsoft OneNote – This program helps in collecting information of audio, video, graphics etc; that can be readily shared on the internet with other similar users. One can organize all kinds of notes with highlighting, coding, and color.

7. Microsoft 2010 Math addin – This program helps to plot 2D and 3D diagrams and math equations in word documents very easily.


8. Anki – This is another great program that helps to remember things such as words, equations, pictures, faces, and a lot more easily on the basis of the flashcard system.

9. Panda USB Vaccine – This is free software that helps to protect one’s system from malware that might attack during a autorun feature enabled in Windows OS.

10. Tor Bundle – This software gives one’s system the highest protection by not allowing anyone on the internet to get to know about your location, websites visited, and all such sensitive information. There is no need to download any software and can be used comfortably on windows, USB flash drives Mac OS X, or Linux as well. It helps one to browse anonymously.

Apart from these one can even get help for your backup or protection for your software with the help of using software like SyncBack, any DVD, clone DVD, Antivir, and Zone Alarm.

It seems like the world is moving towards a technologically savvy trend that many people are quite comfortable making use of. Why not students, if it makes life a lot easier for them!

Update: Notion is a must-have tool for students these days, especially their templates.

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