Rarely comes a product which compels you to whisper “wow” as soon as you begin using it. That’s the sort of feeling I went through when I put Xiaomi’s new Mi earphones in my ears for the first time. And in spite of what you might think, it’s not merely because of its remarkably low price tag.

xiaomi mi earphones review: with great sound doesn't come a great price - mi earphones

Over the past two weeks, the new Mi earphones have stayed inside my ungodly ears (without falling out) nearly every minute of the day whether I’m jogging at 7 in the morning or writing articles or eating lunch or sitting idly in a cab for hours because #BangaloreTrafficSucks. I’m wearing them right now. And it’s not like I don’t have choices. I have a myriad of earphones and headphones in my backpack, most of which are more expensive and capable (on paper) than the Mi earphones.

xiaomi mi earphones review: with great sound doesn't come a great price - mi earphones 2

There are a lot of reasons for that. Being an audio product, of course, the most important one of them is how it sounds. The Mi earphones produce a lucid and adequately loud output which doesn’t lose its details on higher volume levels. The bass levels are impressive as well, and with most tracks, it can accurately deliver the highs and lows. Despite that, you can effortlessly differentiate between the vocals and the background music which isn’t something every headset can achieve.

There’s a mic as well, and input from them is quite clear. The design is one of the key highlights here too. For starters, half of the earphones’ chord is made out of fiber which is certainly a rarity in this price segment. While it’s not being advertised as tangle free, I found myself spending much less time on uncluttering them which is primarily thanks to the absence of a standard plastic chord. In addition to that, it has a three-button remote that feels tactile enough and even lets you perform call shortcuts like mute, decline; you get the idea. You should know, however, that those shortcuts won’t work with an iOS device.

The earphones themselves feature a sleek diamond-cut finish which is especially more apparent in the silver variant. They’re also extremely lightweight at just 14 grams. Xiaomi has also bundled three earbud sizes in the box — small, medium, and large. While this pair won’t certainly attract any eyes, the good thing is that they don’t feel cheap either. The company says those buds have “ergonomic curves” and while that’s nothing more than marketing lingo, the Mi earphones are surprisingly more comfortable for prolonged use than other in-ear headsets.

xiaomi mi earphones review: with great sound doesn't come a great price - mi earphones 3

The Mi earphones are undoubtedly worth every penny Xiaomi is asking for which is Rs 699. They sound great, are made out of premium materials and even feature a mic. I personally couldn’t find any flaws. You can buy them in two colors — black or silver from Xiaomi’s own website. Mind you; they have some variants like Mi Earphones Basic and Mi Earphones Pro which we haven’t used.

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