Looking for a really – and we mean REALLY – good pair of truly wireless earphones (TWS) and have a budget of under Rs 5,000. Just go and get the Jabra Elite 65T, which is available at a number of e-commerce sites for as little as Rs 3,999 and a few others at Rs 4,999.

the jabra elite 65t just became the best tws below rs 5,000! - jabra elite 65t

Why are these such a no-brainer at that price? Well, they were launched at a price of Rs 14,999 in mid-2018, and even then were seen as potential AirPod killers. And although they have been succeeded by the much-acclaimed Elite 75T, they remain an excellent pair of truly wireless earphones. And at that their sub-Rs 5,000 price, are way ahead of anything the competition has to offer. In fact, their official price listing on the Jabra India site remains at Rs 11,999.

For those still having doubts, the Jabra 65T come with a compact yet distinct in-ear design. They are plastic but are very solidly crafted and come with an IP 55 rating, which make them resistant to water and dust (decent enough for the gym, we feel). And as they come with specially designed ear gels (you get three sizes in the box), you can easily get them to fit snugly into your ears. They come in a case that is also compact enough, and with support for Bluetooth 5.0. Battery life is a very decent five hours in the buds themselves, with the case providing another ten hours. The case itself gets charged in under two hours. Not quite great for their initial price, but quite good at their discounted ones.

However, what we really like about them is the sound quality, which has a fair bit of bass in it without ever overwhelming the other frequencies and is remarkably clear – you can use them with just about every sort of music and get very good results, way better (we stress this again) than anything the competition in the sub-Rs 5,000 range can. You can also change sound settings using the Jabra+ app which gives you access to a very decent equalizer on both Android and iOS devices. There is no active noise cancellation (ANC), but the snug fit provided by those ear gels ensures external sound mostly stays outside. The Elite 65T also come with some of the best microphones we have seen on a TWS – Jabra is very good in that department – and making calls is definitely better again than anything in the sub-Rs 5,000 segments.

It is not all smooth sailing, of course. The button-based interface on the buds can be a little irritating and needs some getting used to (there is support for Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, though) and pairing follows the old process of pairing with one bud and that one connecting to the next. But frankly, these still work way better than any of their competitors. Mainly because they are NOT budget TWS, but premium TWS that have frankly got a staggering discount – from Rs 14,999 to Rs 3,999, which is a fall of 73.33 percent. Honestly, they were decent value for money, even at their initial price in 2018. At this one, they are a steal.

Want TWS for under Rs 5,000? Shut your eyes, open your ears…and get these!

Prices at the time of writing:

Amazon India: Rs 3,999
Reliance Digital: Rs 3,999
Tata Cliq: Rs 3,999
Flipkart: Rs 4,999
Vijay Sales: Rs 3,999

(Note: These prices were available at the time this article was being written and could change. Our advice? Make the most of them!)

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